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Hello My Friends,
People asked me for months that i should try to throw a Karambit so we Sacrifice one CS:GO and made proper Throwing Test with it! Enjoy :)

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Hey Guys,
Here is my short video from Hungary Championship in Knife/Tomahawk Throwing! What a great memories :) Enjoy

Link For The Full Video:

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Hey Guys,
Lot of people are asking me: ,,What is the Best throwing Knife in The World,,? Its Hard to Say what works for you...But Today i maybe found one for me!! New Sharp Blades Arrows are 25 cm,300 Grams and mainly 8MM Thick!! I never had Such a great Results with new Knife in one day...but only time will tell! Enjoy Little Test Video and Let me know what you think about them :)

Link for the Full Video:

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Hey Guys,
In New Video we gonna compare Steel Throwing Cards VS Hira Shuriken in EPIC Long Distance Test! Enjoy ,))

Link for the full video:

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There is so much you need to know about knives. Just when you thought you knew enough about them, someone tells you something new. In this post we aim to look at the different types of blade shape that you can find on the majority of knives.

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A good pocket knife is always needed for self defense or whatever we need the everyday so I make some research and collected the best pocket knives I find in Internet for you guys go check them I'm sure you'd love them 😀😉

Hello again, everyone.

I've got three questions that I'm hoping you can help me with.

First, I know there are several different no-spin throwing methods. For those of you who do no-spin throws (NSTs?), what method do you find works best for you?

Second, are there any members here who do NSTs who are reasonably close to Memphis, TN and would be willing to help someone else learn?

Third, can any of you recommend specific books, DVDs, or online videos to help learn no-spin knife throwing? There are tons of them out there, and I don't have the experience to be able to judge which ones are good and which ones are total crapola.

I'm running into a problem that a lot of people have when trying to learn a physical skill without a physically-present teacher to help them. Namely, I have only my own inexperienced ideas to guide me, and I know how badly that can lead you astray. I would definitely prefer to find a person to work with, but if that isn't an option then I'm hoping I can at least get recommendations on good instructional source materials. Of course, having both would be best of all. :-)

Thanks, and happy throwing!

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Thrower regular, can't go for it all.
The United States of America.
Old Oakland.

Well, after 4 hours cleaning and reorganizing my storage area this weekend, I now have an indoor throwing range!

Granted, it's only about 12' of throwing distance, but it means I can spend a lot less time freaking out the neighbors by throwing in my yard :-)
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