Well, if you all would make profiles, I have the first campaign ready.

Alright everyone, I know everything has been slow. However, come this weekend, I'm going to spend a lot of time putting work into this.

We should be able to have a game sometime this weekend at the soonest, and sometime next week at the latest.

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these are my base stats that me and +Seras ՏIΞՀΛՏ Vyrian  came up with but I need to first buy my equipment from the gm?
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ok i have 300 pages to read to hopefully help me figure this out
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+Seras ՏIΞՀΛՏ Vyrian  look i found a catfolk pic XD

The community has been updated to be changed to 3.5 for the comfort for the mod staff and members.

Changes will be made in the near future.

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Bit of explaining to do, I suppose.

So, recently, I've been playing Fallout 2, and getting into the genre of overhead turn-based RPG games from the early 90's.
And now with this community, I've been thinking about how battles and campaigns would look in said games, of which a big factor would be that silly but still badass MIDI music playing while you do stuff.

So I made a MIDI soundtrack for the community. I guess. Idk I got bored fuck you.

Since there can be multiple campaigns with different rulesets and lore, as well as multiple posts, a list of Campaigns will be here, on this post, which will be updated as more campaigns are created, when you make a post in the campaigns section, make sure to address that your post is tied to that campaign, if you want to make one, let someone in the mod staff know so we can add it to the list.

Dawn of the Dead:
An uprising of undead creatures has commenced, and someone must stop it, find the source of this chaos and put an end to it-- or die trying.

Star Wars:
This campaign is purely speculation, it's likely to happen, though not much is known about it. Set outside the D&D Universe.

I have a D&D Template I can edit instead so is anyone willing to help me fill it out?

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Basically, we're going to convert this into a template.



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