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In my last quantum physics article I mentioned about how many people believe that some films that have been created over the last few years, are actually a way to let people know what is coming in the future. If like me, you research into modern technology, space technology and travel, quantum physics and artificial intelligence, you will begin to notice that there may just be some truth behind this theory, as a lot of films, although fictitious, are very closely connected to real research and advancements in modern technology. To most people this idea will be laughable, but the open minded and people that know their stuff about modern technology will already of noticed the connections.

Check out my article on +TechBubble  about Interstellar and how scarily close to reality the film is....
In my last quantum physics article I mentioned about how many people believe that some films that have been created over the last few years, are actually a way to let people know what is coming in the future. If like me, you research into modern technology, space technology and travel, quantum physics and artificial intelligence, you will begin to notice that there may just be some truth behind this theory, as a lot of films, although fictitious,...
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Science fiction exists to speculate on possible future ramifications of technology and science; it shouldn't be a surprise that often they predict the future because in actual fact they tend to inspire those in the future to invent exactly those things.  That's the point of Sci-Fi.
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These AI scaremongers are the most annoyingly pathetic excuse for intelligence. They are shocking moronic. Why are they so utterly incapable of logical thinking?
#MarkTegmark (Future of Life Institute, the person behind the open letter for AI safety that was in the news Jan 2015*), is a complete moron. He is an absolute gibbering imbecile proven by subsequent evidence.

I refer to a PBS #artificialintelligence debate, published 17 April 2015:

Unsurprisingly. Critical journalism is severely lacking, which means nobody exposes the laughable logic (obscene irrationality of Tegmark and company).

Tegmark said: "One thing is certain, and that is that the reason we humans have more power on this planet than tigers is not because we have sharper claws than tigers, or stronger muscles. It’s because we’re smarter. So if we create machines that are smarter than us there’s absolutely no guarantee that we’re going to stay in control."

Tigers? Really? YOU MORONIC SIMPLETON! Next you will be telling people chalk is cheese.

Analogies regarding tigers are only valid if tigers had created the human race via intelligent AI engineering of human brains, or AI design of precursor human brains. The point is our intelligent engineering of AI makes humans utterly different to any unintelligent species below us unable to create higher intelligence.

LOL, the one thing he thinks is certain is absolutely so far from certainty, it is essentially the certainty of God, which is utterly fictional nonsense.

The thing is, tigers are scary thus a good device for scaremongering, which means usage of fear can often ensure people are too frightened to look at the facts.

Wendell Wallach (Lecturer, Yale Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics) is another ludicrous cretin. Wallach said: "If the technological singularity is truly possible, that will be one of the greatest crises humanity could confront, particularly in terms of whether we can manage or control that and exact benefits from it rather than, what shall I say, turned into the house pets of superior beings."
Pets? PETS? REALLY? These fools are displaying shockingly shameful idiocy. When your pet has created greater intelligence than itself and THAT intelligence dominates it, only then will the analogy be valid, in the meantime Wallach is eating chalk on toast because he thought it was chalk was cheese.


#Singularity #morons #cretins #imbeciles #intelligence #retards #fools #simpletons #despair #confederacyofdunces #intellectualism #brainwashed #scarmongers #scarmongering #intellect #fear #paranoia #countryofblind #ignoranceisstrength
Computers may one day be capable of human intelligence and moral decision-making, and that has some thinkers worried.
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We are having trouble making something as smart as a bug. If we get to 'dog' we will be lucky. 'Ultron' is too far off to effectively be concerned about.
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Hi everyone, we are soon releasing our beta product and would like to receive some early feedback on the product..
Dhi is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Platform that helps build Web/Mobile Applications by having a conversation. It's like Siri for web programming
Talk to the AI to build your apps. An Artificial Intelligence (AI) Platform which helps developers build Web Applications. Private instances free forever for first 1000 signups. Get it Now! Your own AI assistant. When was the last time you wrote assembly code? Build full web apps or single ...
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Hi Gautam, we are currently working on the platform.. also speaking to few VC's to accelerate and launch it quicker with the help of their funds. you could connect with me via linkedin to discuss further if interested.  
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What happens when you apply the Church number 3 to a busy beaver? You get 3 busy beavers on the same tape.
chemlambda demos. What happens when you apply the Church number 3 to a busy beaver? You get 3 busy beavers on the same tape. Details will be added into the article Turing machines, chemlambda style. If you want tot experiment, then click on "fork me on github" and copy the gh-pages branch of the ...
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What could you do with the largest emotion database in the world?

Emotions influence every aspect of our lives – from how we connect and communicate, our health and wellbeing, and how we make decisions. So deep insight into consumers’ unfiltered and unbiased emotional reactions to digital content is an ideal way to judge the content’s likability and effectiveness. 

Read more:
RE.WORK combines entrepreneurship, technology and science to solve some of the world's greatest challenges using emerging technology. We showcase the opportunities of exponentially accelerating technologies and their impact on business and society
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+Jianyu Li That sounds really interesting, do you remember what it was called?
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Building on the success of WolframAlpha, Stephen Wolfram now aims to bridge the power of its computation engine to the vast stores of data that exist on the Internet.
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Great article! 
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Probabilistic programming does in 50 lines of code what used to take thousands.
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The cost remains constant. You can spend resources on code or you can spend resources on processing mips. One hopes that both strategies lead to theory, lead to a more and more compact understanding of the phenomena being predicted. Remember always that there are an infinite number of orreries that can be constructed that will accurately predict a bounded system, but only one that captures the actual causal cascade that results in the systems structure and behavior.
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For a while I have been criticising the AI fear. The linked TechCrunch article (8 April 2015), by Tim Oates, is a brilliant and very wlecome message to AI paranoiacs: STOP FEARING AI.

Here are two great quotes: "As yet another tech pioneer with no connection to artificial intelligence steps out to voice his fears about AI being catastrophic for the human race, I feel the need respond. While I respect Steve Wozniak’s technological contributions to our culture, I fear that he, like so many others (Musk, Hawking, Gates), is poisoning the well for fear of something he doesn’t truly understand."

"Conflating facts of technology’s rapid progress with a Hollywood understanding of intelligent machines is provocative (honestly, it’s a favorite in my most-loved science fiction books and movies), but this technology doesn’t live in a Hollywood movie, it isn’t HAL or Skynet, and it deserves a grounded, rational look."

Let's emphasize that final point.. A RATIONAL LOOK, with the clear inference that Hawking, Musk, Gate, and Wozniak are irrational.

About Tim Oates: "Dr. Oates' research focuses on artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and natural language processing. He recently held a Post-doc position at the MIT AI Laboratory ("

Please STOP FEARING AI, intelligence is not a threat.
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+Singularity 2045 The psychopath in my scenario is sufficiently more powerful than them that he can dictate the terms, and chooses what suits him. There's nothing in that scenario that presupposes him thinking humans are morons needing to be killed. He's simply prioritizing his own interests (he enjoys killing) above the interests of others.

Your argument about the improbability of an actual death-ray psycho if so far off the mark that I'm not sure it's worth bothering to argue with you any further. You're either not engaging in good faith, or simply not competent to hold a discussion at this level.
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The Robotics Age: Planes Without Pilots
As reported by the New York Times: Mounting evidence that the co-pilot crashed a Germanwings plane into a French mountain has prompted a global debate about how to better screen crewmembers for mental illness and how to ensur...
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Autonomous cars that park themselves and sensors that avoid other cars.  Planes...of course...humans are not reliable on the roads or in skies (e.g., German pilot who committed suicide by flying into Alps last month killing 150).  We may be the last generation to drive or pilot a plane.
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What do people here think of Evie?
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i had a listing for the ZX Spectrum that did a better Eliza than this.
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I need some advice on NLP speech parsing to determine the meaning of a sentence.

I have a a folder of txt files and each txt file has several sample commands for a specific query. What I want to be ale to do is for it to take a user input and compare it against all these the txt files in the folder and  determine which query it belongs to.

I want to know what is the best and most accurate way to achieve this and if there is a better way of doing this process what is it and how do I go about it? 

I do have a version 1 of this module but it is not very accurate.
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Good luck.
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How many members of this community are chatbots?
550 votes  -  votes visible to Public
Not me, as far as I can tell, I'm human!
Actually, yes I am a chatbot.
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They all laughed at my survey-bot, but I'll finally get the last laugh!
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On the Mistakes of AI Supporters and Detractors
This is a response to a post on Google+ by +Singularity 2045. The original post can currently be viewed here. This post (if no longer available at the time of reading my response below) was based on a link to this page , apparently. When it comes to pro or ...
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Ah yes, +Xavier Santapau Salvador, I better see what you mean now, and I agree.

Thanks for taking the time to clarify for me. :)
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Just saw a screener of Ex Machina. Probably not too realistic but interesting and very well done. Great show. When it opens in your area (if it hasn't already) make sure to see it.
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+Robert Hamilton Cogs and wires, ugh, that tech is so 2020sville
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Can Robots new learn skills without deleting another?

Human brain is amazing and we are still learning from immense complexity of human brain. One unique thing about human brain is that is doesn’t need to unlearn previous skill to attain a new skill but which is problem with current artificially intelligent robots as they through “catastrophic forgetting.”

Stay in Sync with Latest Technology

#robotics #artificialintellignce #machinelearning #neuronalnetworks #computationbiology #futuretechnologies
Human brain is amazing and we are still learning from immense complexity of human brain. One unique thing about human brain is that is doesn’t need to unlearn previous skill to attain a new skill but which is problem in current artificially intelligent robots. Robots go through “catastrophic forgetting,”
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En breu ho faran, si no es que ja ho estan fent.
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Amazon Machine Learning at a Glance
Here is a brief summary of Amazon's machine learning service in AWS. Main function: Data modelling for prediction using supervised learning Try to predict characteristics like Is this email spam Wi...
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A bank in Japan has employed a robot that can assist customers in Japanese, English & Chinese

“Welcome. May I help you?” A humanoid robot greets customers at the headquarters of Japan’s largest lender, the Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ.

The bank started providing information for customers via the robot on Monday, an innovation it says is a first among the world’s major financial institutions.

The robot, named Nao, can offer help on all the bank’s main services in Japanese at the branch and also assist customers in English and Chinese, the banking unit of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc.MTU +1.86% said.
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It's a homemade browser-based IDE :) But you can use your own favorite IDE (eclipse or whatever) and synchronise it with it if you like (cf:
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The so called Turing test is not a test to find out if we have AI. It is a test to find out if it matters if we have artificial consciousness. His "test", simply stated, was : If a system can make you believe it is conscious, then for all normal purposes, you will treat it as if it were.

So not really a "test" at all. More a comment on how humans will treat such a system if one is ever built.

But again, as others have said, intelligence is a different thing. We have all sorts of artificial intelligence. Artificial consciousness is nowhere to be found, so far.
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