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Words as meaning instead of words as deeply recognized patterns of sound.
The challenge of creating humanlike intelligence in machines remains greatly underestimated. Today’s A.I. systems sorely lack the essence of human intelligence: understanding the situations we experience, being able to grasp their meaning

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#ArtificialIntelligence is proving to be a helping hand for the economic sectors, and with the advancement in these technologies, they are offering efficiencies and information at the same time. As the #constructionsector develops, the introduction of AI has forced organizations to experiment with the designs of the buildings and how they are built.

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The draft of the fifth chapter, "Basic Practice", of my upcoming The Hundred-Page Machine Learning book is online. The book is available at You can subscribe on the website to receive updates on new chapters by email.

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An in-depth article for businessmen, and beginners in the AI field to learn building machine learning powered apps.

With just a few lines of code, you can learn how to use the IBM visual recognition API and rapidly build Image-based applications to validate your ideas.

#AI #machineLearning

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They developed 100 3D printed, ultralight AI enhanced high tech prosthetic arms for 100 exceptional and tenacious amputees.

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Hie. I am Gerald Ndlovu from South Africa I have a request from you. We might be limited in resources but we are not limited in dreaming. Together as one we all want to be part of a change and something big, but we cannot achieve that without each other's back. We all need each other to survive. Our dream is to create an e-commerce platform that is powered by Artificial Intelligence. We plan to integrate the following:
1. Customer centric search through an AI powered imagery system.
2. Voice Search powered by AI.
3. Local recommendations based on local weather conditions, holidays , events etc
4. Chatbots integrated with the shopping cart to simplify the shopping experience
5. Fraud detection system.
Plus more to come. You can support us here
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