I'm looking for how to do Cyclical or block teaching schedules. Any ideas or tips?

Have been using Event-o-Matic to check out our Google Expedition kits and it has been working great. Until today! Is it best just to reset -- and start fresh? I am assuming those dates that have been "booked" will stay in place?
Thanks for the help -

I installed the add-on today and noticed that the back and forth sync only worked from Sheet to Cal. When I changed the name of the event in the calendar
(that was created through the add-on), the sheet was not updated. Did I misunderstand what it is supposed to do?

Time trigger doesn't seem to work for me. The sheet identifies items in "Unsynced Edits" but won't run even beyond 1 hour. If you've experienced this before I'll appreciate guidance in what you did to resolve it.

Has anyone tried using this on a Team Drive spreadsheet? If so, how well did it work?

I've been using Event-O-Matic for a while. It's a great addon, however, recently when adding the Addon to a new account and setting it up, it gets stuck with a spinning circle after setting the Calendar and Sheet. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I have also tried to reset the Addon, but neither worked. Could anyone help?
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