one little stupid question:

when I have e.g. 10 cards of one type and I want to have at least one left for me. what number do I put in "Collection" and what in "trade"? 10/9 or 1/9?

Hello, this website is awesome ! Can you accept .csv files to update the database ? All the card i have are not in the website...

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Is there already a report for errors?
I have linked a text with a wrong scan.

In addition, there are small write-down errors which have caught my attention, is there already a process for this?

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Hi guys,
I think it is an awesome plan to make a database for biocards.
As I understand it is still a beta version and a lot of work remains to be done.

Like making a How-to guide?
Not only how to enter a card, but also how to add the cards that are already in the system to you collection.

And how to check that the same card does not get entered twice by simply a little change in the name?
Like these 2:

If there is anything that I can do to help (besides entering as much cards as possible) then please let me know.

For now I only have 1 question: Is it OK to share the link to the Biocards site in swagg HO and TG ?
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