Hi there!

I think that this site is a great idea, but speaking with other traders, I understood that there are many issues that prevent many of them from using it (I do ;) )

I just would like to collect some ideas and ask if there are plans about them...

I think it needs more maintenance: more mods (if you need help, just ask).
Users should be able to edit their own cards and those that they uploaded at least for a limited time (fix typos...). A "report error" would be useful.

Many do not upload their own cards because the process is time consuming: it seems not to resize images and you have to fill everything at that moment, since nobody can add info later. And a "bigger watermark" function could be appreciated, I think.

A help in categorizing would be great, many make errors ("is this a mod or not? What's fun?"), and the 2017 template would be great.

Someone woud need an "export" function for their own collection. It would be nice for personal use.

About backend help: I think that many users may be helpful in developing this much needed DB ;)

Hello, Can you add the 2017 template ?
Thanks !

open a card by clicking on it seems to be by javascript or so?

Because I cannot open them with a middle-click (which makes "open in a background tab"). Would be fine if it can become a normal html link - so opening interesting cards in the background while looking the others on the page would work.

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On the Home page, for the recently added card, it would be more aesthetic to show the Name and the Title of the card, not the Description.

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When we add biocard here : https://ingressbiocards.com/addBiocard does the 3 first choice are for Official card ? If yes, can you add the mention ? And maybe add the 2017 version ?
I add custom MOD card by this way and it apears as a Official card... Can you change that ? https://ingressbiocards.com/biocards/mc16FqFjjQCac

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Hi, we can only see 18 cards on our profiles. Is it possible to show them all ? https://ingressbiocards.com/profil/Letiteuf55

Is it planned to allow people to edit cards ? With better picture or just to edit some missing informations ?

Feature Wishes:

- Export own data to CSV for statistics
- Option to See how many cards you submitted (in profile)
- Bulk Import for Sets, it would be much easier to have an Option to set a Set Title like a category or something like this

More ideas?
Post them below and i will add them to this post.
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