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생일축하합니다 우리태봉봉 bear, 사랑합니다 💕🎉

Happy birthday oppa 💙
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Hi guys, we're ZE:A'S are going to make a project to celebrate Min Woo discharging from the army.

Just take a photo of your finger heart and send it to Line or ig: @zemuses, or you can also send it to me

We'll wait for your participation till 06.00 KST

Thanks for your participation and sorry for my bad grammar and this very late info

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Kevin Will be the new DJ of SBS Pop Asia Indonesia Australia

Here's the interview with Kevin

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Hyungsik-Junyoung-Siwan at VIP premiere of CJ Entertainment new film "The Robbers: The Bad Guy's world"

Here's the video of red carpet VIP premiere last night
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During an interview Hyungsik said : "Siwan hyung are invited to festival Cannes? As a member, i'm proud of him..."

"We rely on each other, and we share everything together both good and bad"

"Siwan hyung called me and with his proud he said that he was invited to Cannes. Also, he said maybe it's just because of luck, then I said to him 'ya hyung maybe it's just because of luck, but i'm proud of you' with laughed"

Maybe because as a member it feel so happy to saw him full of proud and confident and not worry with many things anymore.

Referred as an actor, Park Hyungsik denied it : "I'm an idol, I love singing and I will always singing
" he said

Translated & rewritten by h
*sorry if there's so many mistakes or wrong grammar

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ZE:A hasn't disbanded Siwan, Dongjun, and Hyungsik already said that, also SE. And they said t hat ZE:A could possibly comeback. Maybe the member move to another agency but they said that they still in ZE:A

Star Empire Entertainment statement

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Siwan are invited to Cannes film festival, and Siwan become the first idol-actor tp go to Cannes festival.

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Come on ZE:A's please sign in, we need A comeback

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