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Can a Smaller bodybuilder really look just as big as the bigger guy? What do you think?

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Are you confused about all the "Principles" that "Fitness" gurus teach?
#bodybuilding #granddaddy

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Hey A-Lifters we have a news for you. Real Talk Muscle will be available for free on amazon from April 17 to April 21. 

This book is a 297 page book dedicated to help you build muscle using only the no BS formulas - no hype -  recently uploaded on amazon. You can download this for free from this link on those dates:

Don't forget to leave it a review if you loved it.

Remember to check out my upcoming emails - I will send you another one once its live for free. You can also buy it now and leave me a nice review if you want to support our cause ;)
Anyways its only 4.99 bucks


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Hi Friends!
We're trying to collect a dozen survey responses from people with Scoliosis to share on
Please take a few minutes to take the survey at:

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Hello to you all. I love weightlifting and have been doing so for almost a year now. I do however have functional scoliosis due to a slight leg length discrepancy and was wondering if anyone here had the same condition but also works out. Due to the lack of information, recently published a website dedicated to scoliosis and weightlifting check it out

Please post about your own experiences with Scoliosis, how it affects your exercise and weightlifting and what you do to remedy it.

Let's talk functional Scoliosis and bodybuilding #functionalscoliosis  

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