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Hey everyone! Now that the turn of year is coming we have loads of series/books coming out from authors old and new alike. Please note to post all spoiler related posts in the spoiler section. Thank you and have a Happy New Year.  P.S I put the If This Is To End thing cuz 2015 is ending. Get it? Ah never mind. 

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Drew cas/lucifer for art challenge in tumblr luci is a bit yandere in this one

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Im a hufflepuff and decided to draw it and post it as my first work on my art blog! Tell me what you think! Hope its alright!

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Kano angrrry


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My edits #Leverinedits
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Pls Join! 92 more to make a double century!

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All art creds to viria
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So, true...

-Made by me!

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Percy rules, Annabeth drools.
Annabeth rules, Percy drools.
Both drool.
Both rule.

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A Fanfiction by Fiction Fanatic and me!
Black. If you look at the night sky, that’s all you can see. Black. And if you look into my heart, BLACK. Looking into my solemn feelings about being the daughter of Zeus. It isn’t being all grand, being respected and powerful. It means a billion gods have a grudge on your dad. Practically that hits you. Example me, Thalia. Suspended 20 feet into the air, hung by a single ankle tied to a metal chain and seeing the idiotic wine god, staring at you, and smelling his burp.

(Heavy Breaths) Footsteps Door Opens Sighs The son of Zeus had just seen a frightening dream. Now that is actually cliché when you are the son of the king of the gods. Jason looked into the star-filled sky as if he were scouting it for any traces of Thalia. He then looked at the musty Poseidon cabin. “Should I, or should I not?” thought Jason. 
“Goin’ somewhere?”
Jason turned back, and saw a handsome, seaweed smelling, teen, an inch shorter than Jason. The man who survived Tartarus and a billion other things.
“Night stroll?” muttered Jason.
“Excuse taken.”
“You got me, bruh.”
“Who was kidnapped, who did it and where is she?”
“I’m not obviously gonna tell you, duh!”
“And I’m not lettin’ you go alone,” said Percy drawing out Anaklusmos.
“We haven’t the time to fight, Percy.”
“No, we have to go on an epic adventure to save YOUR GIRLFRIEND and save the day and whatnot,” said Percy, giggling.
“It isn’t Piper, Percy.”
“Then who? Thalia?”
Jason stared at Percy, with his mouth open.
“2 IS my lucky number,” said Percy. “But we can’t survive a second without Nico. And I am NOT bringing Annabeth into this.”
“You know, we can’t just rouse the son of Hades in the middle of the night, right?”
But Percy was already in the Hades cabin. Jason stared at the Hades cabin with red light erupting out of it, and then heard Nico screaming like a harpy. And then a scarred Percy came out with Nico in his bed suit.  
Nico looked like someone had just woke him up in the middle of the night. Which… someone had.  
 “Thalia… Bacchus… kidnapped… Underworld.” Said Jason.  
“Huh?” said Nico.  
“I’ll explain on the way.” said Jason. “Do you have enough energy to shadow travel?”  
   “Yeah dumbass I just woke.” Growled Nico.   
“Percy, this… is the Underworld, so if you want to step back...” 
“Dude, it’s just the Underworld, it’s not Tartarus or anything right?”   
“Uh… yeah”  
“So, you ready guys?” asked Nico.   
“Ready” said Jason. Jason was amazed by how coolly Percy takes things. He felt inferior to Percy when it came to attitude on danger. He took it like morning breakfast, while Jason had trouble digesting. He was the hero who conquered Kronos AND Gaea. Legend, yet humble and humour.  
“Hey deaf, you coming or you wannna let Miss.Thunderbutt on her own! Hey! Mr.Thunderbutt!” yelled Percy.  
“Uh.. yeah” said Jason getting ready for shadow travel. 

They entered the Underworld just as Percy and Nico had done 2 years ago. It smelled the same. They took a few steps ahead, and there, suspended by a metal chain, was an unconscious Thalia Grace.   

“THALIA!” Jason yelled and flew up towards her, but a thick grapevine shot at him and he fell straight down. And from the shadows emerged Mr. D. 
“Now this would be the moment for epic music!” said Percy. “I say…Borgeous and Ryos – Machi (extended mix)!”  
“Ahh! Jason, just as I expected…. You brought me all the sons of the Big Three!” yelled D. “And you!” he said, pointing at Percy, “PETER!” 
“Wrong AGAIN!” groaned Percy.   
“And…” said D, “as you expected, I now kill you, and don’t consider its cliché cuz that’s just facts…” 5 vines exploded out of nowhere and lashed the trio. Nico was on the ground, asleep as the shadow travel hadn’t worn out yet. Percy and Jason slashed at the vines like crazy but they just kept coming. Soon, both of them were stuck in a web of vines.
“When I whistle, you lightning butt D., okay?”
Jason was confused. Percy concentrated. He had done this before, and didn’t mind doing it again. As Mr. D continued prodding them, a huge fist of water caught D. and swung him around. Another fist emerged and released Percy and Jason.
The fist choked D. Suddenly, Jason noticed that the fist was gone and D. was on the floor. Behind D. was a sprawled Annabeth. Jason and Percy both knew that it was an illusion but Percy got infected once Annabeth raised her head. Those eyes. Those grey, pale eyes from Tartarus. Percy knew it was an illusion, but seeing those eyes made him forget everything. His only desire was to kill, maim and injure the person who did that. And Percy, knowing that it was an illusion, ran to the imaginary Annabeth’s help.   
Jason knew this would happen. As in front of him lay a Piper. Except Jason never had that experience with Piper, so that D. could annihilate Jason’s feeling by one memory. All Jason could think of was flying to Thalia and saving her. One problem – vines. Percy was busy fighting with D. and Nico was still recovering.
“Hey, Nico!” said Jason, tossing a bottle of Ambrosia. Then Jason flew in to help Thalia. 
“Jason!” yelled the illusion of Piper.
“Piper!” he yelled back.
“Save me, Jason!”
He couldn’t decide whether that was an illusion or not. He kept thinking to himself, Is that actually Piper, or an illusion? He kept thinking. By the time he was done thinking, a torrent of vines surrounded him and trapped him. He struggled for a second, then saw skeleton warriors climbing up the vines.
“Nico!” yelled Jason. And there was Nico standing beside a huge crack, engulfed in green light. Out of it, skeleton warriors were erupting and freeing Jason. And as Jason caught Thalia mid-air and freed her while the skeleton warriors walked through Thalia and Annabeth, proving that they were illusions. Now, D. was outnumbered. 100 to 1. Except D. was a god. And now there were only a few skeletons left. And when D. was about to start his emperor laugh, a huge wave of water engulfed him from behind and Percy’s voice echoed.
Unfortunately for Percy, no rock music started. But Dionysus got wrecked, without rock music.
“#REKT!” Percy said, giggling.
Jason asked Nico whether he had energy to shadow travel again. Nico responded by falling asleep. 
“I guess that is a no?”
Percy whistled. Mrs.O’Leary came bounding to Percy. And they got on, and Mrs. O’Leary shadow travelled them back to the overworld. While Mr. D. got screwed by Zeus. 

D End! (Get the pun? No? Oh well.)
By: Nova Powered MC and Fiction Fanatic  (mostly by Fiction Fanatic)

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