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The example profile for students must be like this to be to join school
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Name = Dante
Gender = Male Nephilim
Age = 26
Lives = Japan
Straight, Bi Or Gay = Bi
Status = Single
Personality = Sweet
Yaoi or Hentai Roleplay = Both
Weapons = 2 Pistols and 1 Sword Rebellion
Family = Vergil but hes dead to me i hate him i dont see him as my brother no more
Game = Devil May Cry
Anime = Devil May Cry
Powers = my hair becomes White and everything around me flies in the air and i get red demon Devil eyes

I am searching for a boyfriend That can treat me nice and loves me for what and Who i am Who wants to have a Relationship with me Let me know ok Alright i am tired of Being single i dont want it anymore i want to be loved by someone That exuatly cares about me i dont want to wait anymore please someone anyone love me...

Hello members i just wanted to tell you that anime is now open. tell me if you have any questions!!

who wants to roleplay with me let me know and add me as a friend ok greets from me ^^

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Name: rin Kagamine
Personality:  agressive and hyper most of the time
Likes: singing, danceing and sweets
Dislikes:people being mean to her friends
Bio: unknown~
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cute right

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Name: Jacob flower
Likes: flirting and a shyness
Dislikes: cockyness
Bio: came here from Britain to be with others
field of study: computer programming

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Name: Phantom Montague Rose

Nickname: The okami prince of love

Gender: male okami half human werewolf hybrid

Age: 20


Weight: 197

Nickname:wolf of heaven's peace

Language: french, English, german

Relationship status: Single

Sex type: Straight

Job status: bar tender (day) and assassin (night)

Pay: 15,000 a week

Personality: playboy, romantic, good hearted, jokerster, badass gentleman, brawler, sex addicted, snake

chain sai
Chain long sword
Chain reaper sai

Fighting style:
wolf fang style

Okami legendary abilities

werewolf powers (high speed when the moon is out and full with the werewolf transformation but sense i am part okami i )

Blood powers of all types (my blood can turn into a blood or armor or even make blast but I could only use about the amount of a pitcher maximum I can't lose/use that much)

Okami form( when in okami form i turn into a white wolf that can use the ablities of the original okami plus can also make me into a dark okami that transforms me into my dark okami hybrid full form)

wolf fang style (ninja style mixed with tiger kung fu and dog shaolin kung fu)

Parkour and Acrobatic

Super Speed


Bio: Phantom was born a child who's parents died in a attack by unknown people then he was adopted by the richest man in spain Montague Rose as Phantom was renamed Montague Rose Jr as his new father trained him and made him into a strong young man until the day he found out the the men who killed his parents we're working for Montague Rose as they tortured him enough to make him lose his memory and put him into a pod and fused him with a okami and a red gem they found as years have passed as Phantom found himself on a plane to a basic as Phantom escaped and blew up the plane as he said to himself: will found the bastard who changed me.
So he decided to investigate the town the man lives in now as Phantom works at a bar called the sleeping forest in the day time and works at night an assassin while trying to complete his mission to kill each one of the men who killed the phantom of before.....

Likes:woman with nice bodys ,wine,alcohol,fights, sex, killing and the sound of money, people who are stronger than him, blood

Dislikes: demon seals, people with no guts, hippies, wimps, weaklings

Area style: travel

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Name: Gold (real name is Gwen)
Personality: shy, timid but if you press "the wrong button" she will kick your sorry but
Likes: friends, freedom, powdered doughnuts
Dislikes: enimies, captivity, arguments, fish
Bio: is a cat girl but doesn't like to let ppl know it. has a golden eye (because she got in a "cat fight") was beaten by her father and mother so she ran away and doesn't trust many people, hides in the woods currently and sometimes romes the alleys for food
Race: i'm....not.....sure
anime/manga: uhhhhh none in particular

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Name : Carson Lea Autumn
Nick name: little Red
Age: 18
Personality: very open, open minded.
likes: having fun, meeting new people, personal space, fighting (combat), music
bio: nothing much to say.... travel a lot to help people... party girl... and a lot more stuff.
race: half vampire half human.
looks like: in the pictures below
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