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OVLG Giveaway Contest: Here's your chance to win an iPad Air. 

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If you're thinking of filing for #bankruptcy  just remember that there are some exceptions to discharge. These include but are not limited to #studentloans  and new IRS income. 
Under section 523 of the #bankruptcy  code if the debtor has incurred debt due to fraudulent acts or due to embezzlement then these debts will not be discharged. Also, under section 727 if the debtor is hiding any assets this could result in the entire bankruptcy case being denied. 

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What happens to items you recently purchased with credit cards during a bankruptcy? It depends on the type of credit card, and the date the items were purchased. Here's what you need to know about credit card purchases during bankruptcy.
Over the holiday season the #creditcards  heat up and shopping is a regular activity. However, after all the fun is over some are left filing for #bankruptcy  and a big question arises: " Will I lose my credit card purchases during bankruptcy" 

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With mortgage interests rates still reasonably low, it seems like a great opportunity and you might be thinking that this is the right time for you to buy a house.

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In terms of how you and I can be successful in managing money, it only matters what we believe is true about our particular situation.

It is not about what the media thinks, what politicians think, or even what your relatives and friends think. Neither one of them pays your bills.

Neither one of them is in charge of your economy. You are in charge.

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Any great endeavor has to be begin with answering a short but profound question: why?

When you have the “why”, you will be willing to deal with the “what” and the “how”.

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More importantly for the purpose of my financial coaching and of this blog, I believe these lessons can apply to our personal finances as well.

So here are the 5 stages of decline for companies that were once great, and the 5 key lessons from “How the Mighty Fall” that can be applied to our finances.

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category of “Giving”.

As I have written many, many times before, I believe the key to gaining control over your money is learning to live on a monthly budget.

But I also believe that the cornerstone of your budget is having a generous heart.

So I would like to give you my motivation for giving. 

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We could take a cue from George with regard to our financial wisdom.

If you do the opposite of what most people are doing with their money, you will succeed.

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In other words, I missed my goal.

So the question is, do I give up?

Not a chance! Setting up an improvement goal helps you focus your efforts.

And even when you miss a target, you are still better off simply because you tried to get better.
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