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I just played and got a length of 17! I already suck at this game

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Is everyone ded?
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Name: Cinder
Gender: Female
Land: South
Rank: WArrior
Age: 120
Likes: Fire, Burnt Deer, Fire, and Wood.
Dislikes: Water, acid, snow, dirt
Other: She likes fire :D

(PLZ DO NOT copy/trace/alter/steal or take without my permission!)

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Name: Toxic
Gender: Male
Age: 310
Powers: Toixc/Dark
Likes: Bright colors amethyst Which I come up with
Dislikes: Some dragons hurting or bothering Amethyst
Rank: Warrior
Were he lives: West

hi just joend

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+DestinyAva 'Ribbon' Devitt​​​
Name: Starflight (NOT for WOF)
Age: 550 (dragon yrs)
Gender female
Rank: Queen of the west
Personality: kind, stern, caring, creative.
Power(s) shape shifter (3 different forms)- her first form has hidden spikes in her fur that ejects a poison that eats though flesh and scales her second and third form eject the venom through teeth and claws
Likes rabbits, scrolls, and venom/acid
Dislikes: mud, and lightning
Size: her smaller form is about the size of a medium elephant, but her largest form (winged) is one of the larger dragons (dunt know what size would work XD)

(My art eta eta, I will make my art digital just so you don't has to look at de awful pics DX)
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Name: Misty
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Type: Ice
Personality: Nice, fierce, great, intelligent, clever
Likes: Scrolls, her friends
Dislikes: Horrible wars, her friends getting hurt

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There will be a dragon that gives prophecies and does important things (private). There will be a small dragon chose from each kingdom, and will help full fill a prophecy. But I need permission from all of you if I can take this dragon...
So do you accept?

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The dragon that has been here for so long.. Stayed young.. And gives prophecies... Is finally getting the four eggs.. And four half grown dragons.. Age of 300 years. The prophecy will occur. But first she had to let others a sign.. The sign of the third moon.

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Name: Maple
Gender: femininini
Age: 1609 (idk)
Rank: Queen
Allegiance: weeeeeest
Personality: mapul personality :D
Appearance: mapul orange wif mapul brown back (Wings i guess) and mapul white claws
Bio: mapul bio
Parents: idk
Strength: 7/10
Speed: 7/10
Strategy: 7/10
Stealth: 7/10
(i rlly like 7)
larry is real
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