Anyone buy anything off the Genesis clothing websight? I bought playing cards with album covers.

Been listening to Table Top Genesis Pod Casts. Great pod casts they talk about the Genesis albums and they go track by track. Very informative.

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Happy Holidays to you Genesis Fans... I'm looking forward to what new Genesis related things are going surface in 2016. Phil is working in the studio and is putting his catalog of albums back out. Who knows if Gabriel is working on the hill making an album. I've read Mikes book very interesting read. I love the perspective that he gives to the history of this band. Despite the band not being together the fans will keep them alive.

Hey guys anyone ever put head phones on and listened to a Genesis album while reading the lyrics??? The songs have some great stories and interesting meanings. For instance there are songs that the band members wrote to each other kind of post cards to their mates. Silver Song is one Sulsbury Hill is another and there's another that was a B track and can be found one of the box sets its a song that the band wrote asking Peter why he was leaving??

Has anyone ever listened to Do Do Lurker and has figured out the answer to the riddle in the song???

man its ON

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I just got ticket to see The Musical Box performing Selling England by the Pound in Kansas city on March 6th...I'm stoked
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