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Have some traditional art :3
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Hey guys so for my 200 followers special I'm doing an art contest. You all voted and art contest won. So for this contest your gonna pick an OC of mine and a number. And once I've tagged you, you can start.
When your done drawing please post your art on my community Sodor High fanart. I'll post so those of you who haven't followed it can. The Contest will end on October 1st. I'll post what the winners get. But here are the OCs you can pick from:

Thomas Blu: Erica Davis (21. Older)

Edward Cert:

Henry Greene: T3nNora202​ (4. Younger)

James Smith: Noizy Rabbit (27. Angel/Demon)

Gordon Engineer: The Oc Child​ (1. Genderbent)

Scott Engineer:

Emily Emerald: Cookie Jam (7. Cosplaying)

Percy Small:

Toby Woody: Jada Blue (24. Angered)

Montaque Western:

Molly Emerald:

Donald McQueps:

Douglas McQueps:

Oliver West: Flags & Fairys (12. With another OC)


The contest will end on October 1st. So pick the OC you like and I'll send you a picture of them as well as their color palettes, and be sure to pick a number as well. And it is first come, first serve.

First: Get their OCs drawn by me, I'll follow them on Google plus, and will be the first to get the OC I'm giving away
Second and Third: Get one f their OCs drawn with one of mine, and I'll follow them
Forth and Fifth: Get their OCs drawn

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Thanks for accepting me. I'll be sure to make you all happy with the OCs I have. ^w^
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can anyone draw me in a maid dress?
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Hi everyone

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Hey! I've had pretty bad art block for the past couple of days so I'm going to draw some people's oc's. Just put a ref in the comments and I'll pick someone and draw them tomorrow. (I have to go to sleep right now) vvvv art examples
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Pick one and I'll put your oc in the one
(Pick not mine)
credit is to main owner
please pick 1
Put your of down below
(And then pick one)


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Thanks for the invite

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Thanks For invite!! ^w^
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Art trade with IncaArts on instagram :3
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