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w00t! The 7PHP v3 is here! Let The PHPorce & The PHPassion be unleashed! YES! #php #phpc

it's nearing 2a.m, I'm feeling that SAME PHPagic as I used to have since those first interviews! #PHPC eager to feature all of you on #7php!

#php #phpc

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[FRESH] - Rumour has it.. ‪#7PHP‬ been lurking around ‪#‎phpcruise‬ to steal Mr Chris Hartjes, aka The Grumpy Programmer of The PHP Community, for a while for Knowing What Secret Tools The Rockstar Grumpy Programmer Harnesses, To Be So grumpy?! It’s The Tools Talking! Aye!

#‎php‬ ‪#‎phpc ‬#unitTesting #tdd #phpunit #dev #ICT #DEV

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Pacific Northwest PHP Conference | Sneak Glance At The Pre-Event!
You can also watch the Conf via LIVE streaming!

#php #phpc #interview #conference #community #CommunityMatters #CommunityRocks #phpconf #phpconference

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It's a New Week and a new opportunity to absorb some awesome PHP insights from virtual talks (with US timing & EU timing) brought forward by our awesome NomadPHP. 
You can WIN a FREE ticket to attend it online from the comfort of your home..
If you already have a ticket or if you are not interested, SHARE this with SOMEONE who can BENEFIT in learning some cool stuffs!

For those that are interested in the US session but can't watch it, worry not! Cal Evans has your back covered! You will be able to download the recording IF you HAVE a Ticket! Get one!

Details here:

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Have YOU Ever Attended A virtual Talk? You Should! Here's another chance to win a FREE ticket for either of the scheduled EUROPEAN time Talk or the U.S time Talk.

NomadPHP has made sure that a talk can be reached by people in any of the timezones close to the EU and U.S, so no excuses.

Even if you can't watch it LIVE, a ticket will ensure that You can Actually DOWNLOAD The RECORDED Session and view at a later time!

Instruction to participate freely, read the post and all the best!

PS: Even if you don't want to Participate, FORWARD or SHARE with Someone WHO Wants to be in it!

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Know Thy PHP Conference Know The PHP South Coast Conference (@phpsouthcoast)– It’s All ‘About & For’ The PHP Community

#PHP #Community #Conference #PHPc #Interview

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RT/SHARE If You Love The Magical & Spirituel elePHPant!

A New PHPamily (as in Family) Is Born In Our PHP Community - Please make some noise to Welcome The Newly Born ==> The Black AmsterdamPHP elePHPant !!!

-> Hear what it takes from Rafael Dohms the Father of the newly born AmsterdamPHP elePHPant
-> NOTE: BEFORE You sell or start engaging to sell our Mystical #PHP Mascot, MAKE SURE you talk with the PHPather Spirituel aka Vincent Pontier (@elroubio)


#elePHPant #PHPc #Community #PHP #AmsterdamPHP #Mascot #Elroubio #VincentPontier

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