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If anyone is interested in a Fantastical Utopian World then please join this Community. (Pardon the perverse nature of this community. It's a sub-community of "Avarnia, My Utopian World.")

so is this still happening orrrrrrr

I've been on this community for forever now and I still haven't made a city or a character.

Is it still worth making one now?

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the demonic king
leader of the shadow demons and almost impossible to kill.

if you find him he can only be killed by a good man went to war, and can't be hit by regular weapons only the strongest of bending, he is always hidden at the dead center of the heart of the arboreing land 

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Two extremes
Two different persons on Two different journeys..........
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At the Headquarters of the Gallus Knights a very important meeting between Mayor Ben Castlewright and Caleb takes place

Mayor: Caleb you know what has to be done right?
Caleb: Yes sir. we need to take moves to strengthen the economy. I have all that arranged sir
Mayor: What about that problem in Ravenhall?
Caleb: Yah i'm sending Lloyd to check it out sir
Mayor: Alone?
Caleb: Not sure about that one. I'm sure he'll handle everything that's concerned with the expedition sir

Meanwhile at the Military quarters Half-dragon half-human hybrid Rondore is feeling lonely and decides to go on an Enlightment Journey to the volcanic places of Orion in a quest for self-search

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the shadow demons- creatures of the arbor region

Darkness trails there demonic hearts

can only be killed by someone who was tempted by the darkest of evils and resisted it. Very dangerous, but are very rare to come across  

Here are some of the Scenario's i'm hoping to do. We could roleplay together in some scenes if you wish. Just let me know

1.Scouting Mission to Ravenhall's Frost Cage Arena
I'm planning to send one of my guys to Ravenhall to check out whether the Arena is functioning properly and on his way he encounters a herd of Saberdillos (Giant white sabertooth tiger).anyone can join the mission if they like 

2.Diplomatic Mission to another City
I'm hoping to send a guy to visit Alicia (+Kenzie Holland 's city) to engage on diplomatic ties for future exchanges. Hope Kenzie will co-operate on this one :P

3.Rondore's Enlightment Journey
One of my guys rondore (a half dragon-half human hybrid) is hoping to go on an enlightment journey to the Volcanic places on Orion. His journey and encounters will be explored here. Anyone who likes can join him.

Hope this Scenario's will play out well :D

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