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The new Era happened. USA and Canada unites into America-Canada democracy Republic. Germany conquers a lot of Europe and conquers south africa + half of Florida. Espanol conquers whole South America. France were sandwiched by Germany and Espanol. United Kingdom must defend the island and built a wall around London, Brmingham and other maincities. Islamic Caliphate conquered a lot of Asia. South India were into anarchism. Russian Empire conquered Mongolia, Finland and Kazakhstan. Japan preparing for fight against China and Soviet Union. China becomes total communism and conquered north vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Italy annexed Australia and the middle east.

Treaty of Nurnberg: Germany annexes what they claimed and which they wanted to unite with Germany. France and Britains army must be under 100.000men.
Romania becomes 10billion dollars from helping germany. France must pay 100Billion for reparations. GB must pay 50billion to Germany. USA must pay 100billions for reparations to Germany and must give half of Florida (Mannstadt) to Germany. France and GB gives 70% of their African Colonies to Germany. Russia must give Lithuania (Whole Baltikum) their independance.

Treaty of Barcelona: Espanol annex Portugal. 90% of South America is under Espanols rule.

Treaty of Tokyo: China annex fully Laos and Vietnam

Treaty of Helsinki: Russian Empire annex Finnland.

Germany: +Hessen ball​​​​​

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Name: Antarctica
Capital: N/A
Land: South Pole (all)
Population: 2000-5000
Military: 0
Economy: 0$
GDP per capita: 0$
GDP Growth: +0$
GNI: 0$
GNI per capita: 0$
Enemies: Everyone who invaded me b4
Allies: N/A

I claim USSR

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Short Name: Russia
Official Name: Russian Federation
Land: Russia Kazakhstan Uzbekistan Turkmenistan Kyrgyzstan Mongolia and Finland
Population:345,356 Mllion
Military: 132 Million
Economy:Gross domestic product: 1.283 trillion USD
GDP per capita: 8,748.36 USD
GDP growth rate: -0.2% annual change
Gross national income: 3.306 trillion PPP dollars
GNI per capita: 22,540 PPP dollars
Enemies:USA ,France,Ukraine and UK

+Plakeland Mapper+Toronto mapping and gaming​ pls make a profile and invite friends, were they wants to be which country

we need to share this some more

also i start a rebellion against italy in tunisia and sicily

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Short Name: Germany
Official Name: Kaiserreich Germany
Capital: Hanau (Hessen)
Land: Poland, Czechoslovakia,Germany, Austria, Colonial East Africa Hungary, croatien, Slowenien, half of Miami, Benelux
Population: 160,671Million (2)
Military: 7.8Million reserve (1)
3.1 Million Active (2)
Economy: great (1)
Details: The biggest country of the world of the Economy and the Army Reserve. Germany won Ww1 against thw whole world
Flag: black white red

Enemy: the whole world
Friendship: only Romania, Ukraine, Lithuanian Empire, Brest, Bulgaria and Espanol.
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