UNHCR Thailand office in the murder of refugees
When I hit the report on Internet cafes, "Thai Office" sent me around noisy, so the report was not finished, then "Thai Office" in my neighborhood around the Internet cafes installed to prevent me from playing Chinese word program, so the last made a report is not finished.
After the report was issued, "Thai Office" even more vicious dog bite me, send more people to my cough, and despicable to prevent me from publishing the report. I ask the people of the world to help me with the 104 words published this report, the world is the people of the world, the world's people's decision is the final decision!
The United Nations UNHCR's Handbook on the World Health Organization (UNHCR) expressly provides that "priority is given to refugees who are fleeing persecution". I have not only fled the persecution, and are being persecuted, this time the country has been hard to have four murders. It was more than two and a half years when I was in Thailand, and I was not able to go to the United States to implement my great plan, but was murdered by the UNHCR Thailand office for a long time.
I came to Thailand to feel that the "Thai Office" some of the behavior is wrong, so in April 8, 2014 to give you a letter to reflect the relevant issues, but after the reflection of the "Thai Office" to my murder More and more serious. Over the past two years, "Thai Office" under the banner of identification of the identity of the refugees, the murder of things for me three days and three nights can not finish, the following I can cite three cases can directly kill people.
1, ignorant crowd
I am a person to Thailand Shen hard, not only do not have legal status, can not work, money shortage, and I do not understand Thai and English, sick ill inconvenient to see a doctor, it is likely to be a minor illness dying into life. From December 2014 onwards, "Thai Office" even instructed a large number of people against me to cough, I sat and sat on the side of the people sitting around me for a long time facing me cough and sent people from my side I cough, and sometimes seven or eight people a day against me cough, even worse is that they deliberately find someone with serious illness to me spit on the spread of disease.
June 7, 2015 at 1 pm, in my neighborhood near the restaurant, I just sat out in the restaurant and saw a long very fat, a look that is a serious disease of men fat from my side , A few minutes later the fat turned back to me coughing. I have a large number of people wherever there is a track of monitoring, in the restaurant, "Thai Office" in front of me are placed around the pinhole camera and mobile phone camera to steal stolen, video and audio to the nearby four portable computers , Through the computer video to monitor my people to see me look at the expression of fat after the people who informed the presence of a dozen UNHCR signs, two with money to buy, to fat back to me cough. I have experienced a lot of things that they commanded to act in this way.
I was twice infected with the flu, people dizzy without a little effort is very uncomfortable, but they frequently cough my behavior did not stop, this sent a large number of people on my regular cough, a cough is a Years, not only seriously damaged my health, but also a serious threat to my life.
2, crazy puppy
I work unit workers were dog bites, then went to the hospital to fight rabies vaccine, but still got rabies. When the doctor was admitted to the hospital, he said, "Rabies has not been alive for the seventh day." The result was dead on the seventh day.
Dog, especially when the dog close to the people will use the nose in the legs and feet kiss, the tongue in the people legs and feet licking, if your legs and feet have broken wounds, dog saliva saliva into the wound may have rabies (dog love tongue Licking the nose). Thailand is very hot weather I wear shorts all year round, barefoot wearing the font bubble bottom slippers, where a lot of reasons led to my legs often have broken wounds. Once a puppy leaning away from me too close I went away, this lens was "Thai office" every day to monitor my people after taking down, they all think I avoid the dog is not a normal problem, we Here are stray dogs everywhere, but they are not so stray dogs do not bite, specifically to find the bite of the dog.
I rented a house in the dormitory on the 5th floor of a house with a family, the mother is about 38 years old, the eldest daughter is probably 17 years old, the little daughter about 12 years old, are long look good. At the beginning of 2015, "Thai Office" had used money to buy mother and daughter three, and were designed to arrange mother and daughter with their private office to lure me.
On the day of October 2015, the "Thai Office" once again to buy their mother and daughter, arranged mother and daughter (little daughter) who hold them specifically to find the bite of the dog, sitting in front of our dormitory On, filled with cool and so I came back. From the road into our dormitory has a meter high steps, there are several steps on the steps to the steps. At night I went home Fortunately, I did not go slowly on the steps, suddenly a dog rushed from my right to bite, has been rushed to the ladder, because the ladder has a road, I was lucky not bitten. Afterwards they want to know my people take the dog to bite the phone video to show me, I also reminded them, "dog bites people, people will get rabies.
March 2, 2016 at 10 pm, "Thai Office" once again arranged for mother and daughter, or with the bite of the dog sitting in front of our dormitory steps on the steps, filled with cool and so I come back. This time I came back from the outside has been on the steps, suddenly a dog from my right rear dashed, issued the kind of bite the sound of people, I did not even look back at the time, right foot quickly lifted my Right foot felt the dog rushed over to bite the formation of the wind, if my right foot is not quickly raised is likely to be bitten. The dog was also holding the rope, but the rope is not only put a long, but also to 12-year-old daughter of minors holding.
3, vicious trick
There is a barbecue skirt with bamboo sticks, and the bamboo stick is 15 centimeters long and a very sharp tip. Some people take this kebab to feed the dog, some dogs eat this kebab is the whole chewing in the mouth, and finally the meat to eat the chew of the chaotic bamboo sticks spit on the ground, some dogs are licking on the bamboo stick Eat, and finally the meat to eat a complete bamboo sticks to stay on the ground. No matter what kind of eating bamboo sticks are covered with a large number of dog saliva saliva, if this bamboo stick is likely to get rabies, the principle with the dog bite will be rabies, are the dog's saliva Saliva into the body.
I have barefoot wear all year round bubble bottom slippers, the bottom of the bubble at the end of the grinding is very thin, if you step on and bump this bamboo stick is likely to break the foot was rabies. At 30:00 on March 30, 2016, near my residence, every morning and evening I have to stay for a period of time in front of the mall, I found the ground with a dog sticky bamboo sticks, to avoid the bamboo stick The At night this bamboo sticks in front of the mall in the ground, in the natural case this is absolutely impossible, 9 am shopping malls to open the door, thousands of people out of the day during the day, it is clear that " Every day I watched my camera, and all of them thought that the bamboo sticks had no harm to the people. I avoided this kind of bamboo sticks. It was not normal. So at night they deliberately took the bamboo stick On the ground in front of the mall.
After a lot of days around 7 o'clock in the mall in front of the ground I have seen this kebab bamboo sticks, and some are obviously bitten by the dog. On April 5, 2016, at 7 o'clock in the morning, a 50-year-old man in front of the mall to feed a lot of bamboo sticks kebabs to the dog, bamboo sticks are deliberately lost to the ground, but also staring at me The An hour later I left the mall, walking on the road to go home, suddenly found in front of my feet a 15 cm long bamboo slash inserted in the cement road expansion joints, very sharp one from the road 7 cm high , Is facing my feet. If it were not for me to find the root of the bamboo stick, this bamboo stick will be thrown into my feet.
This bamboo stick is absolutely "Thai Office" deliberately inserted. First, the time to insert bamboo sticks, it is "Thai Office" deliberately in my place to stay with dog saliva saliva bamboo sticks of this time. Second, bamboo sticks inserted in the line I often go, only long-term monitoring of my talent to know where you can plug me. Third, the direction of bamboo sticks in the direction of the car and a line with the cement road surface of the expansion joints perpendicular, but the bamboo sticks are not damaged. The other side of the bamboo stick is full of blood, but no dust. Fourth, the "Thai Office" people carrying a pinhole camera to walk behind me, stealing stealing I am not afraid of this bamboo sticks. When I went to the bamboo stick, a 30-year-old woman walked behind me with a small bag, and I walked back through the bamboo sign and saw that she knew that there was a bamboo sign on the floor. Behind me, I went into my house 20 rooms, she walked into my next door 205 house. No. 205 room is the only room with my rent a room separated by a lot of things that "Thai Office" not only has been renting Room 205, and has been using the bugging of my housing eavesdropping, out of Room 205 All the "Thai Office" people.
This is full of blood bamboo sticks is not only the "Thai Office" deliberately inserted, and according to this time, "Thai Office" deliberately in my place to stay with dog saliva saliva sticks to see the situation, this Bamboo stick plan is not only a lot of people involved, and inserted this root is full of blood bamboo sticks is likely to be dog saliva saliva bamboo sticks.
After this matter until now, in my daily walk on the road often see a lot of this kebab bamboo sticks, and some are obviously bitten by the dog, and sometimes see the dog in the middle of the road to eat this bamboo Sign the kebabs, this situation has never been before. At 17:00 on May 17, 2016, I finished the breakfast home, is in front of our dormitory in front of the ladder, suddenly found a 25 cm long bamboo slash oblique inserted in the ladder, bamboo flag of a tilt from the The road is 15 cm high, facing my feet. According to the "Thai Office" after 5 months again with bite the dog bite, send a large number of people on my regular cough, a cough is more than a year to see the situation, these bamboo sticks not only certainly " Thai office "deliberately inserted, and" Thai Office "in the future will continue to walk in my way to insert such bamboo sticks.
I think that the "Thai Office" long-term use of the above can directly kill the method of refugee identification, is to find an excuse to murder. Or "Thai Office" long-term deliberately use this group of stupid enough to even the dog's saliva saliva into the people get rabies, people cough will spread the disease all do not know people, long-term use of the above can directly kill the people of the method of refugee Qualification is still in the murder.
Wang dalin (refugee number: 815-13C01255)
June 20, 2016 written in the Thai capital Bangkok
Note: The above report with the network software translation The following is the original.

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