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I need your help !
I'm trying to create a list of Android devices which are known to work with #Gcodeprintr .
Please add a comment if you know a working device which is missing on the list.

Here are the devices I already know:
Samsung Galaxy Tab II
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7"
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2
Samsung Galaxy Note II
Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy S4
Trekstor Breeze 7.0
Acer Iconia
Asus ePad
Acer picasso
Motorola Xoom
Matricom .TAB
Nero X2
Nexus S (Bluetooth only)
Nexus 7
Nexus 5
Odys Mira 7"
Intenso Tab 8"

Hi there,
I'm pretty new to this app. I really like the idea of your app, but I don't really like the UI of it. If you need a UI designer, you can contact me.

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I'm having trouble with macros - they won't save.

I've been adding my own macros since I have a bowden extruder the loading and unloading of filament is a pain, but after saving and clicking close on the macro section...when I reopen it, they're gone.

Is there something special I have to do to truly save the changes?

Thank you!

how to use this software with a motorola xoom Android based on google 4.12
i trying to run a Arduino Mega 2560 in a prusa I3 3d printer
gcode from slicer program ,,, as file it self printed just fine from sd card on the printer it self...on my ramps i have slot to use a file from sd card that build it the l,c.d screen thingy

but trying to use gcode app as it programed to work download file from drop box off the net
1st use of this software it printed badly to point
all i got was a mess that look like japanise fryed nooddles
help rick landen usa

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the next #GcodePrintr beta version will come with a 3D view of the model.
The simulation view will still be 2D but you can open this new 3D dialog.
It will support multiple color modes (by layer, by speed,..)


Hi Matthias
I found your app today in the playstore. So i tried to connect to my "leapfrog creatr HS-Printer". I was not successful. There is a message that says "No USB Device found". What do i need to do, that it works?
Sorry for my bad english. :)

Hi all, new to this group. I have a question:

We are looking to test our delta printers that run on smoothieware at the factory before they are shipped. So we need to use a tool like a tablet to quickly connect and disconnect printers (a laptop would be a hassle) and test them via USB cable.

Does gcodeprintr work well with smoothieware? Any suggestions?

Appreciate any help!

Hallo Mathias , ich habe heute meinen Sparkcube mit Bluetooth ausgerüstet.

Das Bluetoothmodul hab ich auf 115200 Baudrate geflasht und wollte natürlich gleich loslegen.

Dank der Integration von Googledrive war der Gcode auch schnell geladen und der drucker wurde aufgeheizt. Bis hier hin alles super doch im Print bricht er nach kurzer Zeit ab mit der Meldung #wait#.

Der Fehler tritt leider reproduzierbar auf und der gcode wurde erst mit simplify3d und danach mit slic3r erstellt.

Ist dir solch ein verhalten bekannt.

Hardware: ist ein radds 1.1 mit silencioso driver

What work flow do you guys use to load files for printing? I have tried using USB flash drives which I thought ought to work, but only have one method that does work reliably.

My Android device is a Nexus 7 (2012), I have this connected to a powered 4 port USB hub which has a webcam, smoothieboard, and a USB flash drive connected. With StickMount I can mount the smoothieboard SD card fine, and any USB flash drives I insert also show up.

Unfortunately I have mixed success with using USB flash drives to transfer files. They all show up in stickmount and I can view files using ES File Explorer, however when I browse to the drive in GCodePrintr no files on the drive are visible.

If I try to copy the files from the flash drive to the tablet internal memory using ES File Explorer, some of my flash drives work and some of them will not copy. It just fails with no explanation.

So far I have found 1 of my flash drives that ES File Explorer will allow me to copy files off, I transfer them to internal memory, and then GCodePrintr will print the files from there. It works, but its a bit painful.

How do you guys send big files to your printers?
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