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CENSOR ALL "Private Parts"!!! (Warning, then Ban)



POST TOPICS IN THE RIGHT PLACES!!! (You won't get penalized for not knowing the difference between the BBW's. Other than that, Warning, then Ban)

You can share communties as long as it relates to the topic of this community and you don't post multiple communities very quickly, that counts as SPAMMING.

(If any mods would like to add to this list, send me a private message with the. request)

Cover Image provided by: +Vanilla Sundae​

Does this have to be specifically anime?

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Looking for a discriptive feeder (3+ lines) for a longterm rp. Anyone up for it?
Man, I'd love to be in this kind of relationship. As the one that's huge of course. So damn big :) 

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Rp anyone?

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Anyone wanna rp?

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Alright, things might be a little different now that I'm a secondary owner.

Although I'm only owner rank because Weegee is having problems with her G+.

HOWEVER! I do not want any raiders entering the community.

It is the MODS job to check an account to make sure it is safe to accept them.

The person must:
Have posts older than 1-2 weeks old.
If their communities aren't hidden, they must be in similar communities with similar posts.

Also, while I get settled in (probably for a month or two), NO ONE IS TO BE PROMOTED! I want to run it by Weegee as well to make sure you're eligible! You must be willing to devote hours watching the community when I am not able to!

Other than that, as long as we keep the peace, everything should be fine!

Keep fattening, folks!

~❤️Marshall Lee

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Would anyone like to stuff me? I'm so skinny.

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Since I won't be that incredibly active anymore, I want someone to promote to Owner to look after and refine the place as I'm gone~!
And I already know who I want it to be: +Marshall Lee The Vampire King​ , Please respond within a weeks time to claim your title

If the person requesting to join had a first post less than 1-2 weeks old, don't let them in. Thank you!

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We are both becoming Dual Queens of the underworld, you are insert name , the fattest woman alive, and I am Ouija, the strongest woman alive, and together we will be given unlimited power by the Queen once we take the throne...

Please include your name in the text, if you wish to change your character's look include an image of that too, my hair and eye color are purple for reference.

DO NOT LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS POST JUST ASKING FOR A REQUEST, message me on "WeegeeSpider#9631" on Discord or just on Hangouts, if any techincal difficulties occur than comment here about it and I'll work something out.
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