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Hello. You all know that I am writing articles on, a website whose initiative is to provide “Education for all”. I am contributing my help by providing technical blogs (on Microsoft.NET Technology) in this area. You too can write for this website in any category whatever you are good at the latest gadgets, school education, finance, tech news, general awareness topics, cooking, programming languages, english speaking or vocabulary, jobs, festivals, latest trends, fashion, etc. You can post your articles to the website mail address Your support is always appreciated. Contribute for education and bring change in someone’s life.

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Read Blog On: How to create the SSRS Report using SQL Server and Report Builder?
SSRS report is the best and easy way to create reports. For this article, I am creating Teacher Report using the above the tblTeacher table. I already wrote down all the SQL queries please do copy the queries to proceed.
We will proceed step by step to understand better.

Read complete article @ imagination hunt blogs

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String based program
String program #13 (Check
all characters in string 2 is contained in string1) Enter string1: imagination Enter string2: sarcastical O/p: - String2 doesnot contain all characters
of string1 The program for the string is written
in C# programming language and...

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String program #12 (validate whether Password contain same 3(three) characters which exist in UserId)

Q- Which of these data source controls do not implement Caching?

A. ObjectDataSource
B. SqlDataSource
C. LinqDataSource
D. XmlDataSource

Q- In the body of a method, C# uses the variable named_____to refer to the current object whose method is being invoked.
a) call
b) this
c) do
d) that

Q- Difference between Class variable, Member variable, and Local variable, Global Variable?

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Nullable types bridge the difference between c# types and database type? What does it mean?
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