There is still a persistent issue after many updates and I'm not sure if the devs are trying to address. That is, if you are typing on a document with tons of text that spans multiple pages e.g. Word, gDocs the keyboard becomes painfully laggy. There is a noticeable approx 0.5 sec lag with each keypress.

Is there a way to have both toggleable panels and easy access to emoji? 
One way is using the emoji panel but I prefer the full view.

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Can anyone advise on this issue?
Had issue when renaming file names.

When I tried renaming the name and press the spacebar, the cursor jumps another space after the period. For example, to rename "hello.pdf" to "good bye.pdf".

After typing the word "good" and press the spacebar it becomes like this:

good. pdf

Where it should be like this:

good .pdf

I'm on non rooted Note 5 Android version 5.1.1 using Minuum keyboard.

The issue happen intermittently not everytime.

Looks like this community is Not Soooo Active. Hmmmm had to comment in playstore then.

Is this community active of not.

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Quick question: is there a way to change the emoji styles? The ones from the suggestions looks like the ones I like but when I open the emoji they look like the ones from stock android, which I don't like at all
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Hi guys, what apps do we know work with the chameleon theme?

Has anyone installed the Minuum keyboard on their Android Wear watch yet? 

I've followed the steps in the email and installed successfully and set the keyboard as default etc., but I'm not getting the keyboard coming up in the test shell.....

Any suggestions - anyone?

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It'll take time to get used to the new method of switching keyboard sizes xD
Minuum 2.7 introduces support for almost any Android smart watch, new full/mini animation, and other updates.

I'm patiently (not!) waiting for Dutch language! C'mon minuum!
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