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Please join the Big White Duck discussion group on Weavers Space, there is more information there including code snippers, tips and latest news.
Check out the other spaces including the Foundation space.
I will continue to monitor this group but most people have moved over now and there is a lot more information and activity there.

Feature request for Paragraph Pro.

Putting this here opposed to WS as didn't think you'd want it (possibly) to develop into a long feature request list!

Is it possible to add responsive conditions to the Read More child?

There are instances where on desktop I want all the text to be visible but on mobile to have it truncated to reduce the length of the page. Read More seems to be the perfect candidate, just needs a responsive setting, which in my simpleton world is easy to do ;-)

Am I missing something? Chroma got released, didn't it? Set aside this evening to play with it, but can't find it now on BWD! Even the URL appears dead?

Did Mr. Tav pull it?

+Andrew Tavernor Just wondering? :)

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Hi Andrew - Can you tell me what's used to create the side menu at

If its not a pain, could I take a peek at the RW page itself.

Having issues with the normal Off Canvas stack from Joe and would like to explore an alternative.


I have Foundation and all the relevant stacks, i am struggling to understand how to use it, but i would like to use it, i like some of the things you can do with it, I would particularly like to understand how to use the BWD Sections Stack (and the Screens Stack).
I have loaded into RW6 the Sections demo project, one of the pages is named Screens.
In Preview mode, third section down, it shows two large icons. In Edit Mode, it shows four large icons, WHY o WHY , please, why dont all four icons show in Preview mode ???

Furthermore, what is meant by stacks having the word LEGACY in there title ?


+Dick Sijtsma I hope you got my message while I was away.
Could you give me some steps to reproduce this problem please. I have tried it in several situations but  I can't  seem to cause the horizontal scrolling problem. Thanks.

(I couldn't reply directly to your post as comments are disabled for some reason).

Foundation Blockquote question

I would like to style the Blockquote Style in Foundation and although I can target specific Blockquotes successfully, I would prefer to somehow target all Blockquotes.  I can't figure this out.  Is this possible and how?

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The wait is over MagicGellan 2  is here.

Major new features and improvements:
* New mobile dropdown menu.
* New separate Nav Dots stack. Use it with or without a MagicGellan Menu.
* Icons are now supported via the marker and zone stacks
* More styling and control options than ever

Hi Andrew, Is it possible to add a photo with tcms in paragraphPro when adding a floating image? And if so where would you insert the macro? In the link in the warehouse image? Thanks in advance.
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