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Please join the Big White Duck discussion group on Weavers Space, there is more information there including code snippers, tips and latest news.
Check out the other spaces including the Foundation space.
I will continue to monitor this group but most people have moved over now and there is a lot more information and activity there.

+Grant Booth Top flight on the hangout tonight mate!

Weapon of choice for a simple single column when all you want to do is limit the max width: Blueprint, GrummagePlus or Foundation One Column?

Feature request for Paragraph Pro.

Putting this here opposed to WS as didn't think you'd want it (possibly) to develop into a long feature request list!

Is it possible to add responsive conditions to the Read More child?

There are instances where on desktop I want all the text to be visible but on mobile to have it truncated to reduce the length of the page. Read More seems to be the perfect candidate, just needs a responsive setting, which in my simpleton world is easy to do ;-)

Am I missing something? Chroma got released, didn't it? Set aside this evening to play with it, but can't find it now on BWD! Even the URL appears dead?

Did Mr. Tav pull it?

Andrew, I only just saw your last message. Still very keen to be involved in the beta for MarkdownPro. Best wishes, James.

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I have 50 big duck in punjab pakistan

Hi Andrew, I'd love a copy of the Markdown Pro stack...thanks!

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The new Big White Duck website has arrived.

Made with Foundation and Total CMS
(and a few of my bits too)

Join the BWD Weavers Space group for more info.

Question re: TBS and menus. I have a Top Bar, with 4 TBS stacks - 2 for controlling above breakpoint 800 (desktop), and 2 for controlling for below breakpoint 799 (tablet+mobile). For the desktop bars, everything works flawlessly; there's a smooth sticky transition from 70 PX to 45 PX, fonts look good, etc.

For the mobile site, however, I can't seem to get the sticky transition to work AND have the menu be functional at the same time. It seems that on mobile, if I have the "Override Height" set for the "Default" and "Fixed" states, the menu won't work. Is there any way for me to get around this?
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