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I have a new face

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name:sunset glare 
age:  ''  younger   then  sunset .''
gender:   male 
race:  siren   '' but it's  a  secret''
Cutie Mark : same  as   his    older sister .
persnality:  kind ,  sweet  ,  scarstic  ,  cold  ,  distance  , romantic .
likes:  magic  ,  singing  ,  his   little  sister ,  spicy food , motorbikes  ,  bad ass  things  , moonlight ,  hanging with  his   little  sister.
 dislikes:  people  who:  get  in  his  way   , anyoing  ,    who  sate    his time  ,  who   hurt  his  little  sister . 
bio:  when  he  was  younger    there  was  a  fire  at his  house  and   his  older sister  got out  but     his      took  his  younger  sister  and   got   away    but   his   parents and  older sister  thought  he   died  along  with  his   younger sister  but        after that he      went  to  became    celesta    prize  puple  but    unlike   his  older  sister   he       did not  go  evil    but  shortly   after   that he  fell in love  with  his  younger sister and  they  started  secretly   dating  but  no  one  knows  they are  brother  and  sister.

name:  yami shimmer '' changed it  too     knight shadows .''
age: looks  16.
gender: female 
race:  vampire  and  siren 
cutie mark: vampire  teeth  ,  a mic  ,a   sord .
likes:  , her   brother, blood  ,  fashion,   girly  things  ,  moonlight ,  winter , fall  , spring ,  winter  ,  singing   , tea  ,  music .
dislikes: same  as  her  brother.
persona ;  yandere.
bio: ( i  will    make  later)
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In real... I AM DISCORD
Name : Discord
Age : 17
Gender : Boy
Species : Unknow
Cutie Mark : Unknow
Likes : Milk chocolate her girlfriend the chaos of tomorrow (The movie) and Fun
Dislikes : Not true (the movie) Apple be approved by a mod in the place of the owner the Rainbooms and her worst enemy
Girlfriend : Pretty Spark
/// don't judge me ////

We can be have the category RP ?

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I love this school !
Name : Adagio Dazzle
Age : 16
Gender : Girl
Species : Pegasus
Cutie Mark : Diamond and a music note
Likes : Chocolate and Aria singing and power
Dislikes : Pistachio the Rainbooms and the weakness
Nickname : Dagi Dazzley

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Hi I visit this school !

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