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Looking for inspirations for your own CLEARFACE preset? - follow my preset collection on G+

Hi guys.
New update is available in GP.
Now CLEARFACE should work under AW2.0
New widget added - now you can see seconds on your screen.
Please let me know is it working on your watches.

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Four new presets added to CLEARFACE yesterday.
(don't forget reload presets in the app)

Wonderfull Watchface! Love the possibilitys for different looks. :)

a few little things:

- Translated Weekdays in Ambient Mode stay english?
- A hotspot would be nice. Maybee to set a weather-app for a more detailed weather (today high/low temp etc.)
- Maybe another spot would be nice to set a special app that could be launched direct from the watchface. Someone could set google fit, I would set my tv remote, etc.
- the simplest way would be to be able to launch a installed app while touching the weather-icon

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Four new (blue-style) presets available. Enjoy! :)
(don't forget reload presets in the app)
BTW - if anybody have some idea to make a preset for him - just let me know.

Does Clearface support external complications?


New, great feature - now you can download whole presets (background bitmap + colors settings etc) from server. There is still growing library of presets available on the server. Check previews of all presets in the app (you can check all of them on CLEARFACE presets collection -, too).
I hope you will love it :)

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New feature added in last update allows you to get cool presets from server.
Check how easy is to make it.
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Thanks for the saved presets

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The work is going on :)
That's how it looks on my phone. It looks like it's getting better and better, but there's still a lot of work on presets. Arm yourself with patience :)
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