Has a date been set for 2018 yet? I want to make sure I don't miss it this time.

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Hey Everyone!

If you haven't seen the new update today, we've put out a feedback survey. If you have a few minutes to tell us what you thought about the con, you can do that here:



ok ok I want to post my adventures at #newmexicon

I'll come back and edit as I remember who I played with. >.>

Friday 8pm:

Oh it was number crunchy in such a nostalgic way. The system even used percentile! It felt like grown up Scooby Doo but the monsters are real and kill you... lots...
This was a good itch to scratch but gave me a big reminder of another part of RPGing, new players. There were x2 13 year old boys and one enthusiastic mother. This made it a little hard to move away from ideas like " Let's build a tunnel of land mines!" and "We can't go in there! We'll get hurt!" But it reminded me of my love of noobs ^.^ I want to bring more players in. Just maybe not in a super crunchy game of Chill.

Saturday 8am:

I'm a baby dragon...
omg I'm a baby dragon.
I needed like 5 years of art school and more colored pens for this game. Everything that happened needed to be drawn and then animated and then voiced by the players. Everyone threw themselves into the power of friendship and really made the game great. ^.^ This is a game worth playing, especially when your friends can draw or make funny voices!
Tip: Watch out for elder dragon tails! Duck!

Saturday afternoon:

Dirty Secrets!
Thanks #Jason Corley for a great, gritty adventure into the mind of a man who just needed some closure. Heh heh really loved the Liar's Dice mechanic. Great contributions from every player. I found myself getting wrapped up in who I KNEW the killer was and it was nice to be reminded that its everyone's story not just mine. The only thing I didn't get out of that game was a good cat fight =^.^= but I'll find other gamers who want to have good verbal throw downs.

Saturday 8pm:

Slayer Cake!
Oh I was a mean Doom Metal band member... and it felt sooo good.
After my desire to have a catfight in Dirty Secrets this was exactly what I wanted to play. Leather shorts and spiky heels, hells ya. Then the Doom Metal band was given the directive to harass the other bands as they got ready...oh ya... it was on!
Here are some of the highlights in my mean streak rampage.

Used a member of the Glam metal band as a table, for like, a minute.
Made super suggestive remarks to Grunge metal band member known to me only as "lumber Jackie"
When asked "Shouldn't you be kicking puppies somewhere?" instantly responded "What do you think I'm doing?"
Rude slow clapping.

Oh it was fun and cathartic and I'd do it all over again. I did run out of energy half-way through the game so when the twist happened Emo was the way to go.

My only suggestion was to allow other people not playing to be in the audience. We needed more energy near the end... its tiring to be a rock star!

My New MexiCon Thoughts 2017

New MexiCon 2017

Well I wanted to get my thoughts down on how New MexiCon 2017 went for me.

A friend of mine once gave me a piece of advice that life is kind of like a string of pearls and you shouldn’t get hung up on any one of them. Let them come to you, be happy they have, and then let them go just as easily. Problems start happening when you grab onto them and not letting them go.

We grew a lot this year. It was the first year that administrative things kept me from participating in all five sessions of games. It was the first year that I went from playing awesome games to facilitating other folks playing in awesome games. In many ways it felt sort of like growing up. There was a distant sense of feeling like I missed out on things but on the other hand I was instrumental in allowing so many other people to play games. It has been a very prominent motivator for me to get people playing more games (preferably different games too!). On this level I feel like the Con was a massive success. We’ve had more people than ever before and, by extension, more games too. Hearing people talk about the wonderful games they were in made me feel proud in a way that previous years did not allow. It’s strange when you expect a particular set of feelings and you different ones in their place. Instead of the elation of games played I had the pride of putting on a Con.

So, despite Con duties, I was able to play in 3 out of 5 games. I ran two and played one.

Friday night I ran PDQ, particularly the Zantabulous Zorcerer of Zo. It was another episode of the post-apocalyptic toy game I ran last Con about 6 months ago. There is something about this mixture of small toys and the darkness of the world around them that makes these games something special for me. I hope they were special for the people playing them too. In this one the Sciverwent stole all the laughter from the lands surrounding his fortress. The players did their best to save the people of Nineveh but only half escape with their laughter intact. They embark on journey through the Sunless Lands to confront the Skiverwent and return the laughter to their lands. When they get to the Skiverwent they realize that the evil overlord stole all the laughter to return his daughter to life. By releasing the laughter the Skiverwent’s daughter would die causing the Skiverwent to go back to his old, wicked ways (shaving the faces off toys). It was, like all stories in this world, bittersweet. Our toys were a marionette with strings that could do all sorts of things, a tickle me Elmo with a laser gun, a mecha-T-rex, a dump truck, and a shapeshifting glob of stuff similar to silly putty. Tiny, the mecha-T-rex, didn’t make it. All of the epilogues were awesome too. It was a great game to start the Con. I think I’m going to make it a tradition. I’m debating trying to port this over to FAE, but we’ll see.

Saturday morning I ran my game in development, Cyclopean Stars. It’s not a great play at a Con but I figured any feedback was better than none. I ran the WWI scenario. Had some really good players and got some good feedback. I think everyone had a good time and it seemed like they were down for more. I would consider that a success for a Con game. We didn’t get to a lot of the other things that I wanted to test but there were some cracks that appeared that will generate some thought. All in all it went very well considering I was about ready to fall over afterward.

I collapsed for a nap Saturday afternoon. It only lasted an hour but damn if it wasn’t some of the best sleep I had had in a long time. I was on the registration desk for the Saturday evening slot. I talked with Matt Bohnhoff for awhile. We were talking about what was working with the Con and what needed fixing and, most importantly, what we wanted this Con to become. I did get enough rest to hang out with folks that night. Chatted with folks until 3am.

Sunday morning I was doing okay with a brief sleep and I was the host. I got folks into games. With a few stragglers at the end, they needed one more person to jump into a game of Chill to get it going. I did and had a great time playing Chill 3e, putting the powerful ghost of a dead girl to rest and saving, well, one out of two missing teenagers. Matt McFarland, the creator of Chill, ran it for us. I like the coin flipping mechanic. Things got really dark by the time we finally tracked down the ghost. Without my aura of protection we could very well have wound up dead. Definitely will play again, likely for my Thursday night crew.

I actually ducked out on Con cleanup (gasp!) to get ready for the BBQ at my place that night. I had never cooked for this many people so I was a little anxious with the amount of work I had to do. Charlie came over a little early and helped me chop up veges. I would say that the post-con BBQ was a success too. I did not run out of food and got everyone fed in a reasonable amount of time. It was great when I finished cooking to finally sit down and chat with folks.

Comparing this year to previous year’s New MexiCons isn’t really possible. But if I was asked if I had a good time this year I would say an unequivocal “hell yes”. I have a hard time putting how much I love gaming into words. It always sounds silly and childish but it’s been an amazing ride that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I am really looking forward to what we do next year. Hope to see you all! In the meantime, play more games!

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My obscenely long writeup... enjoy (or not)!

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Thanks to all who put on and played in the Slayer Cake LARP!

It was my first LARP experience, and while not at all what I expected, it was superfun and a huge blast. :D
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My #newmexicon report:

Thursday: Drive to Phoenix, pick up +Jonathan Perrine, get on plane, get to New Mexico, meet +Katherine Fackrell ("K-Fax" in the supermarket tabloids), get checked in, hang out with people and tell them about my nonsense dumb ideas for their games. They humor me. I buy a real good jar of salsa. I meet +Meera Barry and +Sarah Richardson, they are cool.

Friday: Get breakfast, hang out, go muster up to play. Primetime Adventures with +Yoshi Creelman, Is, +Meera Barry and another person whose name I can't quickly find on my g+. They make a workplace comedy about guardian angels.

Saturday: Slept through my alarm and hurried to the muster. Played Tragedy in Five Acts by (and with!) +Michelle Lyons-McFarland. I kickstarted this but never played it before. It's extremely good. We made a neo-noir shakespeare, I was Pops, a cook who was getting too attached (in a paternal way) to a waitress, as bodies were discovered under the mill. I liked it a lot. It relies on Shakespearean archetypes rather than plots. This makes a lower bar for new players to get involved and invested. Really enjoyed it.

Saturday afternoon I ran Dirty Secrets. Starring Marshal as an Investigator who dunked on all of us with his Liar's Dice skills, but offset it with an emotional performance of a guy who had fallen in love with the wrong woman. +Alex Schrock, Marty, Geoff, and Scott were all great partners in building the mystery of a tangled blackmail, leading to a theft of the blackmail material, and finally, the murder of a woman who may or may not have been trying to turn over a new leaf.

Saturday night, I wasn't feeling up to committing to a to-midnight game either as leader or participant, so me, +Shoshana Kessock, +Thomas Deeny, +Charlie Main and a couple of others sat around and talked about Masks and the TV show Legion, our comic book campaigns, and why Jean Grey is Actually A Good Character. It was very fun and will result in lots of New Cool Things getting posted eventually. :)

Today, I facilitated a great game of Penny For My Thoughts, with the espionage Facts. Jason, Matt, +Matt Bohnhoff, and Thomas made their answers very action-packed and compromised. Penny is such a great Sunday morning game - low-key, slow-paced and thoughtful.

All in all I had a great time and ate green chilis in everything. I'm zonked as heck now and didn't tag everyone that I should've, so apologies in advance. Anyway, here's a relaxing bunch of music to play and collapse. I met a lot of great people ate a lot of great food and had a lot of great gaming!

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I mentioned the Primetime Adventures: Play In Public document to a few people this weekend. If you are interested in it, grab it at the link below!

That was so much fun.

Thanks to the entire NewMexiCon crew for running a fantastic gaming convention!

Edit: I'm already thinking of what to run for '18.

I just wanted to thank everyone at the con for the warm welcome, fun games, and excellent conversation. The green chile was a bonus. :) Matt and I had a wonderful time, and we'd definitely like to come back again.
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