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   We ladies have joined LinkedIn as a professional collective. Adding educated wisdom and experience to benefit a professional Business forum. LinkedIn, is not a dating site nor a chance for a one night stand!  #OurAppearanceIsNotAnInvitation

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Difficult subjects must be stated - Read & Shared. Please read, share and be compassionate. We have a crisis that is beyond looming in our world. Time we ameliorate the problems we cause. MicheleElys

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Scooter inside the playhouse outside.

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If you had a good day or bad, this is a great cat video that will augment any day!!
I don't normally share cat video,, but this one is hilarious! Thanks for sending it my way +Jason Keath !

#cats   #dogs   #pets  

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As it is said: One picture tells a 1000 stories!!! This is one of them!

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Hi, just joined after watching a powerhouse show with amazing young techies!! Thank you +Mia Voss My bio is to long, so shouting out from Colorado. Making it personal with pix of my 2 Arabians and Blue Heeler, Sade. She is a service dog who works with trauma patients etc.... Hope to hear from you. Mia would love to chat about a panel discussion if you are up for another collaboration. Cheers ;D MicheleElys
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Gett'n my #Shift together... #ShiftCon with +The Mia Connect +Mia Voss

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Looking forward to talking with business owners around the US this Friday!  Join us as we celebrate Brick & Mortar businesses & chat with +Susan Dillon / Kitty Mae's Millenery, +Rayme Rossello of #Comida , +Kirk Sherrod of +Jerks Bike Shop , +Julian Payne of   #TheOriginalMobileBarberShop  and many more!   

Friday 4/25/14 - 9am PT/10am MT/11am CT/12pm ET

#batcrapcrazy   #GetYourLearnOn  

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Excited to get my chat on with these amazing women on +The Mia Connect Power Chat on Friday. +Renae Christine    +Azlin Bloor +Leah Segedie +Joann Woolley +Maggie Unzueta 

#YOmama   #BatCrapCrazy   #MomsWhoMeanBusiness  
Get ready for another +The Mia Connect Power Chat! This week we will celebrate Moms Who Mean Business! Check out this amazing panel:

+Azlin Bloor - Homeschooling Mum of 4 & Cookery Teacher, 2 Live HOA food series on G+: Simply Singapore - She cooks,  Foodies+ Live & Cookin' - she hosts!
+Joann Woolley - Public speaker, parent educator, social media strategist, mom of 3 - Joann teaches American Sign Language & help educate parents to sign with their babies,

+Leah Segedie - Community Leader of Mamavation teaching moms disease prevention behaviors, She's also the Creator of ShiftCon which is the first social media conference for Eco-Wellness Bloggers October of 2014

+Maggie Unzueta - Food and Wine Blogger, Writer, Recipe Developer, Latina, Beach lover, Mommy,

+Renae Christine - With kids in tow, Renae has created dozens of successful businesses for herself and others.  Renae started a WAHM Blog where she can help others start and expand their businesses en masse. Subscribe to her daily, funny 2-minute videos at

Friday, April 18th at 9am PT | 10am MT | 11am CT|12pm ET

+The Mia Connect  Power Chat:
Each week we cover a variety of business topics and feature influencers & innovators from all types of industries who share their smarts. In a word: #Infotainment   And we always get a little #BatCrapCrazy     !       

How & where to watch:
- Google Events: Watch, comment & ask questions right here 
- YouTube:
- Facebook:
- TweetHappy? Follow +The Mia Connect  and tweet #BatCrapCrazy              
Subscribe to +The Mia Connect community for updates:

Can't make the show? Not to worry - you can catch the Youtube replay right here on the event or at

#GetYourLearnOn       #PeopleYouNeedToKnow     
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