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What do you think about Lady Windermere's Fan character Mrs. Erlynne?

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In the Soul of Man Under Socialism Oscar Wilde wrote "[T]he more punishment is inflicted the more crime is produced, and most modern legislation has clearly recognised this, and has made it its task to diminish punishment as far as it thinks it can. Wherever it has really diminished it, the results have always been extremely good. The less punishment, the less crime. When there is no punishment at all, crime will either cease to exist, or, if it occurs, will be treated by physicians as a very distressing form of dementia, to be cured by care and kindness. For what are called criminals nowadays are not criminals at all. Starvation, and not sin, is the parent of modern crime. That indeed is the reason why our criminals are, as a class, so absolutely uninteresting from any psychological point of view. They are not marvellous Macbeths and terrible Vautrins. They are merely what ordinary, respectable, commonplace people would be if they had not got enough to eat... When each member of the community has sufficient for his wants, and is not interfered with by his neighbour, it will not be an object of any interest to him to interfere with anyone else. Jealousy, which is an extraordinary source of crime in modern life, is an emotion closely bound up with our conceptions of property, and under Socialism and Individualism will die out."

Wilde argued, in other words, that to fight poverty and jealousy is the best way to prevent crime. To raise socioeconomic status through promoting the general welfare of society is to, in effect, eliminate crime waves. He also predicted that rehabilitation is the best way to cure crime, and that punishment doesn't deter crime. And about one-hundred and twenty years later he was proven to be correct.

In Sweden the welfare state is used to keep everyone within a certain socioeconomic status and prisoners are considered Utopian, with their goal being humanitarian rehabilitation for criminals of all stripes. And you know something? It is the closest thing to a miracle! They have some of the lowest rates of recidivism in the world. Compare that to the United States, which focuses on punishment, where pyschopathy is institutionalized and things like rape and abuse is commonplace, and how we have a really high rate of recidivism. And while the war on poverty has been helping, our economy is seeing stagnation which is really crushing the poor, expanding birthrates (as sex is one of the few pleasures poor people have, which increases even more crime. A cycle that needs to be addressed even more than it is now.

You must admire Oscar Wilde for his intellect. He predicted over one hundred years ago what we have learned in other developing countries. We can learn a lot from his magnificent philosophy!

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Musical Adaptation

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Оскар Уайльд - гений скандальной жизни

Господа, сегодня наш герой — Оскар Уайльд, английский писатель, драматург, критик. Многие читали его произведения. К примеру, известный роман «Портрет Дориана Грея», но немногие знакомы с его биографией. Поговорим об этом.

Оскар Уайльд появился на свет 16 октября 1854 года в Дублине, Ирландия. Его отец был известный врач — сэр Уильям Уайльд, посвящённый в рыцари. Мать Оскара — Джейн Франческа Уайльд — поэт, филолог, борец за независимость Ирландии и одна из первых сторонников прав женщин. Это оказало существенное влияние на творчество писателя.

До начала занятий в школе, маленький Оскар получает домашнее образование от учителя-француза и немецкой гувернантки, которые учат его своему родному языку. Окончил школу в 1871 году, а затем выиграл стипендию в колледже «Троицы» в Дублине.

В конце своего первого года учебы Оскар занимает первое место, сдав классические экзамены и получает самую высокую стипендию.

По окончании обучения в 1874 году Уайльд получает золотую медаль в Беркли за совершенное знание греческого языка, а затем стипендию для изучения классической литературы и философии в Оксфорде.


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I just designed a tea tin based on 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' - If you want one you can pre-order on the link. Or send us a suggestion for another Oscar Wilde book to put tea in. :)

#oscarwilde   #tea   #doriangray   #earlgrey  

We join the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination entrusting our thought to the words of Oscar Wilde, who was in his life a victim of a form - otherwise equal and equally brutal - of discriminatory violence and abuse.

“'How can one write songs of hatred without hating?' he said to Eckermann, 'and how could I, to whom culture and barbarism are alone of importance, hate a nation which is among the most cultivated of the earth and to which I owe so great a part of my own cultivation?' This note, sounded in the modern world by Goethe first, will become, I think, the starting point for the cosmopolitanism of the future. Criticism will annihilate race-prejudices, by insisting upon the unity of the human mind in the variety of its forms.
Intellectual criticism will bind Europe together in bonds far closer than those that can be forged by shopman or sentimentalist. It will give us the peace that springs from understanding.
The intellect of the race is wasted in the sordid and stupid quarrels of second-rate politicians or third-rate theologians.
We are dominated by the fanatic, whose worst vice is his sincerity.”

#OscarWilde , "The Critic as Artist", 1890.

#InternationalDayfortheEliminationofRacialDiscrimination   #racism   #race   #prejudice   #criticism   #art  

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"People cannot be divided into the good and the bad, as though they were two separate races or creations. What are called good women may have terrible things in them, mad moods and recklessness, assertion, jealousy, sin. Bad women, as they are termed, maybe have in them sorrow, repentance, pity, sacrifice."
Oscar Wilde, Lady Windermere's fan

Always loved this quote; the world needs to be a little bit more Wilde.

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Everything popular is wrong
-Oscar Wilde

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Women are meant to be loved not understood. Oscar Wilde. <3
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