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Exclusive only on - smart 365 Air Conditioner
The new revolution for Human comfort.
Healthy Lifestyle option that saves money, energy and environment
- ₹400/- per month light bill only
- Natural Air Ventilation
- Healthly product ❣
- Silent Compressor
- Low heat flow that neutralise
- Safety from mosquitoes without chemicals
- Breathable, Antiallergic, Odourless, Moisture Resistant Specially Designed Insulated Fabric Tent.
- Smart solution for 365 days comfort
- Get back paid money in 15 months by savings in your Electricity Bill.
- 5 in 1product (AC Cooling, Warmer, Dehumidification, Mosquitoes Repellent, Air Purification)
- Eco friendly ♻, low carbon foot print
- Compact📦 design, Light weight, with single LED glow.
- Negligible Maintenance cost
- Touch panel control, USB Charging, Remote control
- Self Installation and washing possible
- 100% copper coils
- Single bed setup ₹21999/-* - *Double bed setup ₹24,999/- including taxes
+Assembly charges
+ Delivery Charges at actuals.
2 years compressor warranty.
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Our machine can produce architectural glass, bulletproof glass, bending/arched laminated glass, tempered laminated glass, LED/PDLC/Solar panel glass, art glass sandwiched true flower/silk/clothes/color paper etc.

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SRG are highly involved in providing a best variety of Float Glasses in Ahmedabad…
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