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((Created the Argonians and is the Daedric prince of Arcane knowledge,Destruction and power))
Name: Akirus Vezora
Height: 6'2
Weight: 178Ibs.
Age: 1,876
Race: Argonian
Species: Daedra,Vampire
Evil or Good: Evil
Rank: Daedric Prince
Student of the college of winterhold: Used  to be.
Appearance: ((Looks just  like the Argonian "Picture 1",but with Red eyes and Spiked Horns.Which are shown in "picture 2" and 3.))
Personality: He is Sarcastic,Funny,Dangerous,Wicked,Sadistic and Perverted all at the same time.Basically similar to  Sheogorath.
Allies: Varemina,Molag Bal,Malacath,Sheogorath,Sanguine,Hermaeous Mora,Mehrunes Dagon,Mephala.
Enemies: Clavicus Vile,Boeithia,Azura,Hircine,Namira,Nocturnal,Meridia,Periyite.
Faction: Battlemage,Theif and assassin.
Advanced faction: Vampire and a Daedric Lord.
Spellcaster: Yes
Level: 500 (Daedric Lord level)
~Destruction: 100 3 legendary upgrades
~Conjuring: 100 3 legendary upgrades
~Restoration: 100 3 legendary upgrades
~Alteration: 100 1 legendary upgrade
~Illusion: 100
~Enchanting: 100
~Smithing: 100
~Heavy Armor: 100
~Light Armor: 16
~Pickpocket: 50
~One-Handed: 100 1 legendary upgrade
~Two-Handed: 35
~Block: 15
~Archery: 100
~Sneak: 96
~Akirus's robes: (protection: 0/magical effects: Magicka Regenerates 400% faster,Increases 300 points of Magicka)
~Akirus's helmet: (Protection: 730/magical effects: All Spells cost 30% less,Health is increased by 70 points.)
~Akirus's Gauntlets: (protection: 620/Magical effects: Destruction spells Do 60% more damage.Conjured atronachs are 35%  more powerful.)
~Akirus's Boots: (Protection: 620/Magical effects: Destruction spells do 60% more damage,can place runes three times farther away.)
~Akirus's ring: (Effect: Magicka Regenerates 300% faster.Increases Magicka by  300 points.)
~Akirus's Sword: (Damage: 278 Damage/magical effects: burns the target by 62 points,absorbs 80 points of magicka.)
~Akirus's Bow:  (Damage: 230/magical effects: Does 45 Points of Frost damage,paralysis opponent for 5 seconds.)
Likes: Food,torturing mortals,becoming stronger.
Dislikes: Mortals,good Daedra,The Aedra,Dragonborn,getting weaker.
Bio: unknown.
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My new Daedric prince armor,weapons and what i look like.
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