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Welcome to the ScreenPlayers Guild, a community of playtesters, fans, and interested onlookers of this little game we like to call ScreenPlay. If you've been sent an invite, that's because you've expressed interest in some of our previous posts about this upcoming game and we thank you for joining in making it bigger and better. If you've come here naturally because of the Rehearsal Edition and want to help playtest this game, thanks for seeking us out. 

Think of this community as the Writer's Room of a TV series (or the online forum of anything else that's ever been online. Here, everyone can discuss mechanics, share stories, anything and everything that has to do with this game. The more we can share in your experiences, the more we can pass on to future Writers and Directors. 

Don't forget to help spread the word by using the #ScreenPlayRPG  hashtag and share your own posts and blogs about the game in our Shouting From The Rooftops section. This isn't just about playtesting, it's also a means of getting the word out to the rest of the tabletop community. 

Now then... let's ScreenPlay. 

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If you backed the HPS Kickstarter, you can finalize or upgrade your pledge. If not, you can pre-order your copy of the core rulebook until September 15th.
The time is now! If you missed out on the Kickstarter last year, you can pre-order your copy of the High Plains Samurai Roleplaying Game's core rulebook and check out some of the other swanky gear unlocked by the original backers. Deadline is September 15th to get your hands on these exclusive B&W hardcovers and full-colour playmats. (And huge thanks to +Magpie Games for their help getting shipping rates in order at the last minute.)

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High Plains Samurai: Legends is nominated for an ENnie for Best Free Game and is the 2nd nomination for a ScreenPlay-based product. Thanks to people like you who helped make it work.
It is with great excitement and anticipation that we share with you this announcement. High Plains Samurai: Legends has been nominated by the ENnies as one of the past year's Best Free Games and we are extremely humbled by this recognition.

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Today on the Atlas of the One Land, we explore the northern mountain ranges of Khar'tep, otherwise known as the Great Mother.

"All those under Khar’s rule believe the mountains are a living guardian chosen by the Elemental Spirits to protect its people, a guardian who now holds back the dark energies seeping out of the Wastes. They call this mountain the Great Mother and all life is dedicated to her protection and blessings."

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It's only been 5.5 years in the making but the core rulebook is FINALLY in layout. At this rate, proofs should be ordered within a couple of weeks and backers will be able to arrange shipping and pre-order any extra goodies on BackerKit. (Fingers crossed, considering I had to switch printers over the past month.)
Solid first day's layout for HPS, a little over 7.5 hours over the course of the day and night. Barely paid any attention to tonight's MMP (except when they talked about a possible trip to Ottawa in the near future). There's 49 pages done with the current template (little more than 1/3rd of the book). It's similar to Legends but different. #HighPlainsSamurai #500in30
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I'm going to get a little personal with all you ScreenPlayers for a moment. I've been a bit down and by that, I mean depressed. Things in my personal life have been rough and it hasn't been all bad, just rough in the big scheme of things (looking for work, etc.). Part of that was this normal and fucked up way that I process my games - I build and build to this crescendo where a product is released and then I end up slumping into a corner because it turned out I didn't make the next big Blades in the Dark or something. It's not a healthy path, but it's the one that's worked in the past so I'm hesitant to change it for some dumb reason.

But that changed last night. I thought I knew about this a little over a month ago when +Christopher Sniezak and the MMP crew told me they were going to run an AP of HPS on their new show, Misdirected Eye. I thought this was going to be a one shot play and mechanics discussion of the game on a new show in their network... but it has turned out to be far better than that. Chris, +Phil Vecchione and Bob are doing that, alright, but on their flagship show for multiple episodes! The first session was played out last night along with some very healthy discussions on the core mechanics of the game and I am renewed, refreshed, and reinvigorated. Do they mean the same thing? Don't care! I'm so happy and excited with this opportunity for HPS to shine for, like, a whole damn month on my favourite show. If there's any trio of hardcore players out there this game was made for, it's these three and it pleases me to no end to see they're already enjoying this game and appreciating it, particularly the meta aspect of writers at the table drafting out the first crack at a story.

The first episode will go on their website next week and I'll share them on the Guild once ready. I just wanted to share my appreciation and excitement this morning before posting the latest addition to the Atlas.

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New on the Atlas - The Temple at Three Finger Rock

When you find a safe haven in the Wastes, you not only take full advantage of it but you also keep that to yourself. The last thing you need is a crowded refuge from Chaos' Wrath. This is the third entry from Fireball Zoo (written by +Fraser Ronald).

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Not everything in shitty in the One Land. When you look hard enough and don't get shot in the face or skewered with a sword, you can find those little pockets of paradise that recharge you. Like the Grotto, a former monastery that offers hot springs and a soup that will shake the devil from your head.

This week's addition to the Atlas of the One Land was submitted by +Fraser Ronald and we're always looking for new ideas to bring to the Atlas. Submit your idea and help us populate this place before Chaos wipes it from the map.

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Every Tuesday, we post something new on the Atlas of the One Land and today is no exception. Port Royale is a way station just outside of Serenity Falls offering trade, refuelling, and safe passage for anyone looking to catch the Salvation.

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New Atlas Entry - Titan

One of the sheer joys of HPS right now is the Atlas of the One Land and today is the first new addition to the site. A massive earth elemental named Titan wanders the inner mountain ranges of the Wastes. A self-appointed guardian of this chaotic hellscape, it will crush those who bring violence to the desert and come to the aid of the Salvation or anyone else with noble intentions. This gargantuan addition to the Atlas can also make an appearance in your version of To Catch A Train from HPS Legends too.
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