Ich habe heute gelesen, dass Prometheus ihre Savage Worlds Lizenz verloren hat. Kennt jemand irgendwelche Details?

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Neue Informationen zu DaSA. ^^
Und noch ein kleiner Nachschlag zu Das schwarze All. Erst einmal ein Ausblick auf den (vorläufigen) Umschlag des Buches und den (korrigierten) Index. ^^
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Fremdsprachig, aber vielleicht interessant. :) Ich war zu Gast beim +The Wild Die Podcast und habe über Savage Worlds in Deutschland, und meine Savage Worlds Adaptation Savage Shadowrun Second Edition gesprochen. Der Podcast ist englisch-sprachig.


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Hier ein schöner Spielbericht zu Nebula Arcana. ^^

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Etwas Neues zu Enascentia. Auf DriveThruRPG/RPGNow gibt es einige Pay-What-You-Want-Angebote zum Setting.


Pay What You Want (DriveThruRPG/RPGNow)

Nobody truly knows when the Bridge of Aalimshaasa was built; a cyclopean structure with many levels, it crosses the Valley of Fogs, in the Rallenok Mountains, providing safe passage through that insalubrious land. Some legends say it wasn't constructed by any Tribe, but that it appeared one night, the manifestation of Kami itself, others say it is the last remnant of a Lost Tribe. Whatever the truth, under its vaulted domes the travelers' steps echo in weird ways...

The Bridge is an Enascentia Savage Tale for 4-6 Novice adventurers by Umberto Pignatelli

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Hm, sieht nicht gerade unspannend aus. Vor allem viel Zeug fürs Geld. ^^


Only Available Until December 18, 2016, in a Limited Time Re-Release!

Previously unavailable since 2009, Dawn of Legends is a different super-powered system for the popular Savage Worlds license, bringing four-color super-heroic action to Pinnacle Entertainment's award winning role-playing game.

With a new, fully-customizable effects-based powers system designed to remain true to the fast, furious, fun of Savage Worlds, Dawn of Legends lets you don the cape and tights and battle crime wherever it's needed.

Inside the 283 pages are:

Over 40 new Edges
20 new Hindrances
6 Super-Team Edges,
5 Super-Team Hindrances.
More than 100 Powers
30 Power Enhancements
30 Power Drawbacks
20 Power Boosters
The complete rules for creating brand new powers using the exact formula used by the Designers.
Dawn of Legends also includes:

New uses for bennies for comic book action
New Combat Maneuvers for four-color battles
Special mechanics for creating Super-Teams with their own "personality"
Popularity rules, governing a Hero's or Team's Public Image with the people and media
Over 90 NPCs ranging from Wildcards to Extras, Street Drugs, and Mystic Artifacts
A complete city with 10 Districts and over 80 Locations
Adventure Generator
Gamemastering tips for creating comic book Sagas
With complete support including: GM Screen inserts, new Adventure Cards, sourcebooks, and One-Sheets, Dawn of Legends provides gamemasters and players with endless role-playing possibilities.

Also included in this bundle:

Rules Expansion One is the first upgrade for the Dawn of Legends setting for the award winning Savage Worlds RPG from Pinnacle Entertainment!

Inside the free PDF is 7 pages of expanded options to add to any Dawn of Legends campaign.

9 New Edges
5 New Hindrances
3 New Super-Team Edges
4 New Super-Team Hindrances
New rules options for running campaigns set in various comic book genres, ranging from Street-Level to the truly Super-Heroic.
The NCB Filesis a free character expansion sourcebook for the Dawn of Legends Setting from Daring Entertainment, for Pinnacle Entertainment’s Savage Worlds RPG. Inside the 74 page volume you'll find 12 new Champions and 19 new Rogues to populate your Dawn of Legends campaign.

Special: READ ME_Super Powers Unleashed Preview is a small PDF that highlights some of the powers system redesigns, overhauls, and streamlining that have been done over the years, in preparation for the Kickstarter launch of the new Super Powers Unleashed (a second edition powers system) in early 2017! Get a first look here, including five of the new power write-ups.

Ich Spiele derzeit Endlesse Space 2 im Early – was für ein tolles SF-Setting. Macht sofort Laune eine Conversion dafür zu schreiben. ^^

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Ein paar News zu Nebula Arcana auf meinem Rollenspielblog. ^^

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Ab dem 22.10.2016 erhältlich: Das Rippers Spielerhandbuch.

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Der Crowdfunder für #fraggedempire geht noch knapp 1 Tag und sollten wir die 36000€ erreichen, gibt es ein Stretchgoal an dem Ich sogar beteiligt bin: Eine offizielle Conversion des genialen SciFi Settings für das Savage Worlds Regelgerüst! Gogogo!
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