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This won't be a quiet week! Shout out loud what you have to say - with Signal Flux' "Not Quiet”

#EDM #ElectronicMusic #HouseMusic #ProgressiveHouse #Trance #ProgressiveTrance #SignalFlux

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There’s two meanings to the title of this song - which one do you apply for yourself?
ideally: ‘mind less’ by day and ‘mindless’ by night.
Let’s achieve it!

#HouseMusic #ElectronicMusic #DeepHouse #SignalFlux

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You want to contribute to society. You notice that the Island of Puerto Rico, after being affected by many hurricanes, is currently without power and with a president who will not support them.

However, you already like to spend all your money listening to crap EDM producers, buying and listening to their albums.

What if I told you there was a way you could do both?

By pre-ordering the Courage album, you are indirectly donating $5.09 of your $5.99 purchase to Puerto Rico. (The other .80 goes to Routenote, the company making this all possible)

You get all five of my original mixes: Aurora, Lunar, Love Tape, Left, and Lunar.

But Rewnd, how do I get this?

The album is avalible on the following websites: id=Bkadskeen5teuzzmxbf6gpvjj5y (Pre-order now, download available 10/27/17) (Free streaming avalible, small amount of money per play to charity) ($4.95 pre-order, download available 10/27/17)

Coming to the following websites soon:

eMusic, Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music streaming, Deezer, Napster, RN Direct, Groove Music, Google Play Music Streaming, Omnifone, WiMp/Tidal, shazam, Juke MyMusic, SoundCloud Go+, Anghami, Claro-musica, Pandora, Melon, Gracenote, Kanjian

Thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart, for supporting this.

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Hello, I'm 14 and I'm learning to make EDM. Can you guys check out my newest track please? It would mean the world to me!

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hi i'm a new producer
give a feedback to my track and tell me what should i do to make my track better 😀


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Brand new video on my YouTube from a few months ago where we went to explore mini cliffs in the middle of nowhere with fellow photographers and set a friend on fire! Did a lot of those cinematic cuts around and i hope you enjoy it. don't forget to like, share & subscribe!

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Feel the night Come to floor and rock world class edm house track
'DJane rocks in night' Peter Vennhoff
You can buy at itunes and hear at spotify soon
Download hear and share

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Just released my new single "Yours" featuring lynwen with her amazing vocals! thank you for all the support & love. Check it out on YouTube & Spotify.


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We had a 10 hour commercial shoot with Dan Khoo Productions, did some crazy stuff & had an awesome time! We used gun props & even a smoke machine to shoot this action packed commercial!

if you enjoy this video don't forget to like & subscribe!
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