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The community is now accepting...

Respecting the growing popularity in similar games such as and, the community's new name is ".io Gamers". We are accepting posts now to more games than just We are only starting with six, listed below.

If you want another popular game ending in ".io" to work its way in, comment in the new "Suggestions" category to let us know.

Rules are as usual with slight changes to the mod criteria. If you see any spam or posts breaking the rules, tell us by tagging me or one of the mods:
+The UltimateAppleLuvr 
+Meghan Galaxy 
+Creepypasta Gamer 

Peace out!
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 I recently started doing a video, please evaluate whether I make good videos or not?

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Hello everyone, I recently started recording video, please rate the quality of my videos and subscribe

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Ronaldo chop!

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Hey! Come Check Out My New Video!

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I've just scored 216 spins in this new #FidgetSpinner game! Can you beat me?

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Assasin Creed Chronicles!
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