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"$1 million is the oft-cited amount people say you’ll need to retire comfortably. The theory behind that goes something like this: A $1 million nest egg can generate around $40,000 per year in inflation-adjusted income."

In what planet these theoreticians and advisers live? Currently S&P500 dividend yield is <2% so how will $1million produce $40,000 per year income? One needs $2million to generate $40,000 INFLATION-NONADJUSTED income.

To get inflation adjusted $40,000 one needs to earn 6% yield on his $1million. Where do you get 6% yield?

This entire advisory industry is a joke.

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First target for the House of Representatives: a regulation permitting states to offer non governmental emplyees a less expensive retirement savings program.

The Senate hasn't yet considered H.J.Res. 66.

Is gutting efforts to make it easier to provide for old age really the most pressing issue for Congress?

The New Annuity Market:
Many Annuities are Maturing Between Ages 85 and 100.
When the Annuities Reach Maturity Date - Loss of Tax Deferral and a Big Tax Bill.
Carriers Will Send the Annuitant a Check and a 1099 for the Gain.
Most Annuitants Would Prefer to Continue the Annuity and Tax Deferral.
Most Insurance Companies Issue Only Through Age 85.
The Customer’s Choice is Lower Returns (CDs) and Paying Tax on the Annuity Gain.

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10 Crucial Tips to Build Your Emergency Fund
Having an emergency fund is absolutely necessary for everyone. They can rescue us from any unforeseen emergency financial crisis. Learn these top 10 crucial tips to build an emergency fund. #EmergencyFund #Top10

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With 10-15 years to go until retirement, we might be hitting the panic button. Not to fear! It’s never too late to start saving, and here are some strategies you can put in place NOW to ensure you can be on the way towards a successful retirement.

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Saving #money is one of the top resolutions made each year, but it is easier said than done. Take steps now to ensure that you achieve your resolutions later. #savingmoney   #moneytips  +US News & World Report 

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A common goal among many is to start #savingmoney  in the New Year. The only way that your goal will come to fruition is by mapping out a strategy to make it happen. #money   #savings  
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