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Retirement planning: 40 percent know they’re on the wrong path, that doesn’t mean the rest are doing well

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2017 Important Retirement Updates

As a US citizen over 60, you can now qualify for money saving benefits.


With your Stock Broker investments
With lower CD interest rates
In your mutual funds
Paying taxes on money you are not using
Paying taxes on your social security income
Paying more taxes on your estate

With a guaranteed minimum 6% compound IAV rate
With “no loss” protected investments - guaranteed
Defer your taxes
Qualify for lower real estate taxes
Gain access & control of your 401k even if you’re still employed

Choose to Be/Stay Disciplined

So you finally decided to set a goal to get out of debt and gritted through making a budget and you even told your closest friend about it. But now it's time to put it in action and you're finding it's harder than what you thought.

Or you set a goal to lose weight so your hired a personal trainer, ordered your shakes and even shamefully posted your before picture on the refrigerator. But not it's hard keeping your training appointments and you don't want another shake.

Whatever your situation may be, stay disciplined! Continue on the path that you set out on. Yes, it will be hard, challenging, maybe even 'painful' at first. But there will come a time during your journey when you will start to see results! And when this happens you will be happy that you didn't quit.

What you're 'suffering' through right now is temporary.

You can do it. I'm rooting for you! 👍🏾👏🏾🎉😀

So keep in mind a quote by Jim Rohn:

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Your monthly mortgage statement doesn't tell the whole story.

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Sometimes it may be hard to separate what #money advice is truth or fiction, but there are some true words of wisdom when it comes to your #finances that you should not ignore. #moneytips #personalfinance +Business Insider

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Many of us share updates such as photos, birthdays, and weekend plans on social media without thinking twice about the details you could be giving to the wrong set of eyes. #identitytheft #fraud #phishing #malware +Wise Bread

What's important about money to you ? As a trusted advisor is your current asking you this questions. 

10 Questions to Ask your Current Financial Advisor
1. Do you know how to turn my Tax Deferred IRA into a TAX FREE Investment?
2. How do you keep up to date on IRA rules?
- When did you last attend an IRA training course?
Ask to see course manuals.
3. What are some of the latest tax law changes?
4. What do you recommend I do with my lump sum distribution from my company's retirement plan?
5. How does the government force me to pay taxes on my IRA?
6. How do I properly set-up my IRA and Life Insurance beneficiaries?
- How do I keep those up to date based on life changing events?
- How do you keep track of my beneficiary forms?
7. What is my life expectancy?
- What is my required IRA distribution if I inherit an IRA from my spouse?
8. What will happen to my IRA when I die?
- How should an inherited IRA be titled?
- What will be the tax consequences to my beneficiaries?
9. What tools can I use to integrate estate planning into my IRA?
10. How do I create income for life, keep the government out of my retirement account, avoid market losses, and leave a legacy for my beneficiaries?
If your Financial Advisor is concerned with your investments but not informed on current tax laws and how to turn something “Forever Taxed” into “Tax Free” income for Life ?
No Obligation - Call today!
William Smith 704-907-9258
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