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Hudson Valley Teacompression
11/13/2015 7pm-1am
Poughkeepsie, NY

Sophi came to one of our New Paltz happy hours and this is her kickstarter project if you want to kick in a few shekels for a neat idea.

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Playa del Fuego
10 Photos - View album

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Playa deal Fuego Pony

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If you're around this weekend and recovered from Playa Plague, might I recommend checking out NECTR burn

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Hey kids, 
Does anyone do graphic design and want to help with three projects I have on my plate?
1.) Firstly, I do a number of projects built around using The Ten Principles of Burning Man, particularly using the symbols for the principles that the people from Alchemy came up with for their burn. What I could use are symbols for the two unofficial 11th principles that some burns have adopted: Gratitude and Consent. I'll link to the existing symbols in the comments so you can get a sense of what exists already, but they're all fairly straightforward line drawings that capture some facet of the principle.
2.) Secondly, I'm doing a table in the near future for an event and wanted to put out some ten principles flyers that I would very much like to connect to our Hudson Valley Burners scene in some way. If anyone wanted to come up with a little logo or something, that would be pretty cool.
3.) Lastly, the Upstate NY Burning Man Region itself could use a simple logo. We have a spot on the Burning Man Regionals site for Upstate NY where we could put one if we have one. A submission on this would have to be run by the other Upstate NY Regional contacts as well as the larger Upstate NY scene at large, but I figure if someone is already putting on their thinking cap for the first two ideas above, I would love to also see what they might come up with for this third need.

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Dear NYC/NJ Burner community,

We are in the process of determining final sale prices, processes and all that jazz for the container this year to Black Rock City!

Here is what we know so far:

1. Prices -- final prices are being set but expect them to be NEAR where they were last year. If raised, not by much. (really)

2. NEW THIS YEAR -- the buying process may (or may not) be slightly different this year. Please be careful with information, reading everything, etc. Right now our website still has last year's information, but details on how to pack and what to pack will remain the same, and are important to know.

3. Going on sale -- we will be going on sale at noon on Wednesday, July 9th. We expect to sell out by the next day.

4. Large Camps/Art -- please drop me an email if you are planning to buy more than 100 cu/ft. We are trying to create an easier system for you.

5. Large Art/Stuff -- if you have a large art piece, an oddly shaped item, particularly heavy item, you need to contact us with details ASAP.

PLEASE NOTE: we are volunteers, and we are human beings. We do this because we love to do this. However...If you have been a complete douche to us in the past, threatened to beat us up, done or said really mean things, called us names, lied to us, messed with us....remember that we reserve the right to refuse service to you. Fair warning. If you think we might be talking about you, ask us.

All our continued burning love,
Cinemagirl, Nickname and the whole damn Container Camp Crew.


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