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My friend didn't reshare this... A week later his body was found in the woods.

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you should call me on my cell phone!(I personally animated this gif and its one of my first animations!enjoy!)
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I haven't posted for a while so I just want to know that gravity falls will always be in my heart. Gravity falls aired June 15 2012 a show that made me who I am today. Sadly gravity falls ended February 15th 2016. rip 😢

i know we are all sad that gravity falls is ending but, we can still make it live on,so pls share you fanart, fanfictions, and gifs to this commuity and let gravity falls live on!

hello every one i know lots of you are sad that gravity falls is ending. but we we can make live on with our fan art and fan fictions. so pls help gravity falls live on

hello gravity falls fans i just made a gravity falls commuity! pls join as soon as you can.
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