Where can buy print head hp11 online?

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There are many distinct forms of newspaper for the HP plotter. The absolute most used is called premium bond paper. It's basically just a high quality version of printer paper.

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Parts of the HP Plotter
Parts of the HP Plotter

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The best warranty for a refurbished HP DesignJet 800 Formatter Board w/hard drive anywhere!

Ships from Indiana. 2 or 3 day delivery time for most destinations in the US!

Updated 12/16/16

The HP Designjet 800 and HP Designjet 800ps series printers are essentially the same printer with only a slight difference in printing options and paper width (24 in. or 42 in.). Both use the same parts. HP Designjet 800 printer is relatively easy to repair compared to later models. With the youtube videos I feature at my fixyourdesignjet youtube channel, I make it easy for you to remove the covers and service your own designjet.

The HP Designjet 800 is one of the best printers HP every made. They generally work year-after-year without any issues. Common issues that require part to be replaced are carriage belts, trailing cable. Initially, the belt or trailing cable will cause intermittent errors before failing completely. Other parts that wear out are ink tube system and service station. Electronically, the electronics module (emod) and formatter board fail and can be replaced with the assistance of my youtube channel fixyourdesignjet videos. All the parts mentioned are available at my website designjetpartsfast.com. It is recommended that the printheads be used at least once a week, else they will dry up.

I’ve been working on this series designjet since it was introduced in 1999 and think it is one of the all time best.

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HP Designjet 510 Formatter Board

updated 12/04/16

One Year Exchange Warranty

The part you will receive includes a One Year Exchange Warranty. It is verified to work without errors by me -- A HP Certified Technician trained to work on the HP DesignJet 500 series printers since they were first introduced back in 2001.

Part Numbering System

HP has many part numbers for the same part. They like to issue a new part number for a new lot being released for consumption. Here is a breakdown of popular part numbers. HP Designjet 510 model has three different part numbers: HP Designjet 510 CH336-60001 HP Designjet 510 CH336-67001 HP Designjet 510 CH336-80001 HP Designjet 500 C7772A

Please confirm that you have a HP Designjet 510 printer. The 500 GL/2 Card will not work in a HP Designjet 510 printer. I have had several customers with a HP Designjet 510 purchase the 500 GL/2 Card. The 500 GL/2 Card does not work in their printer. This will caused delays with exchanging the 500 card for the 510 card.

Is your plotter worth repairing?

Yes. Best price. It is easy and risk free.

Do I get a warranty?

One Year Exchange Warranty!

Will this part fix my plotter?

If you are getting a hp designjet 510 error 05 10 or 05:10 Error Code --

You Must Replace Your Formatter Board.

A 05:10 error on the front panel of the printer indicates a formatter card failure.

This issue usually does not require on-site service, as the formatter card is a user-replaceable part. I even have a YouTube video showing how easy it is to replace.

What is the right part number?

HP revs up part numbers with new lots produced. On this model, there were three different lot numbers for the same part.

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