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Everything is permitted.

Name: Defalt (intentionally spelled without a "u")
Age: 27 (probably)
Sex: Male
Personality: Quirky, badass.
Profession: DJ/Professional Hacker
Likes: Music, mixing, hacking, stealing private information.
Dislikes: Anyone who are typical haters towards his music, Aiden Pearce.
Bio: Defalt is a professional hacker and DJ. He likes to hack people's cellphones and steal their information for his own private use. He is also a DJ, so he makes his own music, remixes, and does fun stuff with music in general. He especially likes making Dubstep songs, which is awesome in many ways, since it is so popular. Everyone in Chicago loves to go to his shows, and his income just for that is roughly $8,000,000 per year.

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Taste the feel of your blood on my blade
name: Unknown
alias: Sharp Night
side: Assassins 
appearance: Revelations Ottoman Assassin
age: 35
rank: Master 
weapons: Hidden Blade, Pistols, Dual Swords
abilities: Eagle Vison
 likes: Assassins
 dislikes: Templars
family: Assassins Guild
Bio: Found by his mentor at age 8, trained til 18, Sharp Night has since then worked his way up to Master. All else has been withheld from the Guild and Everyone else.

Sharp Knife is filing papers in the Contract Office

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My image at the bottom
Name: Alessandra Capello (Ales) Pronounced: )AL:ie (
Gender: female
Age : 26
Weapons: double split swords, throwing knifes, poison darts, hidden blade. Throwing wrope (has and end on it similar to a 4 parted fish hook)
Likes : training, art, books
Bio: Ales lived among her family being the heir to an avast fortune in her younger years. But turned tails and ran away to get away from her family in the village where she lived after being told she was going to have an arranged marriage.

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Everything is connected.
Name: Nick Fizzard 
Hacker Designation (name): Nexus
Age: Fifteen (youngest?)
Gender: Male
Weapons: Single wooden katana, ctOS mobile phone.
Cellphone: Nexus 5
Personality: Funny, curious, loner.

((Graffiti insignia is the second photo. He leaves this around places in the city to signify that he's always there.))
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Age: 20
Rank: hacker, trained with the assassins
Weapons: two hidden blades, throwing knives, silenced pistol, smoke grenades, smartphone
Bio: He is a very skilled hacker and also trained with the assassins  before deciding he wanted to try going on his own so he left with some of his assassin gear and started living out on his own.

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Name: Deadman
Rank: hacker/assassin
Weapons: batons, pistols
Bio: his family was taken from him as a child and he will not tire until the murderer begs for mercy under the feet of Deadman

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This is just about everything you need to know about me.

Nexus isn't the typical kind of kid you'd think he is in Chicago. Day to day, he'd always go to his favorite statue, Cloud Gate to see what information he could steal from other adults. The benefit is, he's quite young. No one would suspect a kid, so it pulls off tremendously. At this very moment, he is sitting down on a bench, taking bank cards from people who pass by. He smirks widely, looking down at his phone as he gains the world's biggest benefit. Money.

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I just hacked Facebook!
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