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I've got a Patreon where I'm making RPG stuff and some fiction. You might like it.

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I'm trying to remember; were you doing an adaption of one of your games (maybe Nefertiti Overdrive) for Arabian Knights or something similar? I wanted to recommend one of your games to this thread on, but couldn't recall which game (if any) would fit

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Been very quiet here, yes, as I grind through my MA program.

But a bit of light on the horizon - I'll be hanging with some old friends in London (Ontario, Canada) for The Con Best Served Cold, which is happening 6-8 July.

I'm excited to hang out and game with old friends, but I'm also working on Broken Tiger: High Octane Action Role-Playing, which started as a hack of Nefertiti Overdrive but is now well on it's way to being Nefertiti Overdrive 2nd Edition due to some key mechanical changes. I'm planning on running it as my Friday night game - start the weekend off with some crazy-stunt-action Korea-style.

If you are interested . . .
Players RSVP to
Accommodations can be arranged here:
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Newest Project? Adventure set in mid-16th Scots borders inspired by Seven Samurai (and therefore also inspired by the original the Magnificent Seven).

So I'm almost done the Sword Noir Primer, which is a supplement for Sword's Edge. It's basically Sword Noir Second Edition, but written for those who already have Sword's Edge.

I expect to extend it into a full 2nd Edition, given that Sword Noir is the most popular of the books I've written, but that probably won't start until October, when my promise for 12 months of new monthly products for my Patreon will be fulfilled and I'll then likely alternate between longer works over months and single month pieces.

Everthorn, the setting for Sword Noir definitely needs an overhaul. In the queue!

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On a mission to hunt down an arms dealer connected to several high profile assassinations, operatives in the Contact Team, the kinetic, direct action arm of the secretive CASE – the Clandestine Activities Special Executive – uncover a link between a secretive Russian cutting edge science program, in existence since Soviet Union, and North Korean arms smugglers. The Contact Team is sent to hunt down a Russian scientist linked to this project who is seeking to meet with the North Koreans. What are they planning and how can CASE stop them?

"HardCASE" is a near-future action-thriller adventure for Sword’s Edge. It includes a new addition to the rules for Challenges in Sword’s Edge and presents six pre-generated operatives from CASE.

This adventure was developed as part of a Patreon campaign. If you would like to see more adventures like this, please support the author at Patreon.

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Today I posted the very short adventure "Vandalissimo" for Centurion: Legionaries of Rome at my Patreon. It's free for my Patreon backers but won't be shared more widely. For those who backed the Centurion on Kickstarter, you would have seen an earlier version, but this one is laid out with art and maps. It's been proofed and has a better presentation.

All that to say, I really appreciate my Patreon backers.

So, the last three months have been pretty hot, sales-wise, for DTRPG. December saw about a 300% increase in sales, and January saw a 100% increase over December. February ain't done yet, but it's going to be something similar to December sales.

This is what I attribute it to: monthly releases.

The January spike was based on a sale at DTRPG/RPG Now. The majority of sales were of the SEP systems bundle in which someone could get all the SEP games. The sale drove the price of that even lower, which led to a lot of sales.

But Dec and Feb aren't based on anything that I can identify other than the regular release of product. That regular release of product? Driven entirely by my Patreon.

I've made a promise for monthly releases over 12 months to intro my Patreon, with the caveat that everything I release on Patreon will get sold to the general public. That means that SEP has been releasing a new product every month, and that has helped monthly sales. It's not the new products driving the sales, it is a bump in SEP sales.

So thank you, my Patreon peeps. My wife and I are enjoying a bottle of Yellow Tail Merlot right now bought with the proceeds from my last cheque from DTRPG.

This just might be viable. More to follow.

Sword's Edge RPG Question - Advances

There is a bit of ambiguity on page 16-17 about spending them. It says that only one Advancement can be used to improve a trait, or does it mean you can only create one Trait at Good per session?

the passage (with emphasis on the confusing part):

"In other cases, Advancements can be used in one of four ways. An Advancement can increase an existing Quality from Concept, Background, Faculty, or Elements by one Rank, or it can be used to purchase a new Quality at the Rank of Good. Only one Advancement per session can be used in this way. "

Loving the book thus far!

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The Wall is now available and has been included in the SEP games systems bundle. If you have purchased that bundle, you should be able to get the Wall at it's bundle pricing. Let me know if you have any problems doing so.
The Wall is now available through Drive Thru RPG.

You are the occupying soldiers of a foreign power garrisoning a city far from home. You do not share a culture with the citizens, and your state has decided to use the existing political structure to maintain its rule. You stand as the voice of the occupying power,
ensuring the elite protect that power’s interests while avoiding antagonizing the regular citizens. You do not want political opposition and you do not want riots.

You are the Wall against chaos, against dissension, against revolution. But you are also the Wall against freedom and selfdetermination.

This is not a game about playing inhuman monsters. It’s a game about playing humans in a monstrous situation.

The Wall is a role-playing game about hard choices from the designer of Sword’s Edge, Nefertiti Overdrive, and Centurion: Legionaries of Rome. It uses a simple conflict resolution system to decide the outcome of scenes, which in turn affects the city the characters occupy and the factions within that city.

You can find out more at the SEP website:
The Wall
The Wall
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