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Welcome to the academy!!

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character without their permission

Uniforms and the academy's crests/logo is shown below.

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☆■□Hello students well whoever is still alive!□■☆

I might have to change things to make it more interesting or change the whole community all together. Well I had some ideas comment below if you have another idea

((I know they don't make sense but I'll explain if you ask))
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Poll option image
A action based school with missions
Trying to rebuild society type community
A Hospital for the insane
A action based school with missions
Trying to rebuild society type community

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[// Open, mainly open for +ƒυкαѕє кυη & +Hannah Okmaru

"Tsuki! Why are we going to the park, it's boring there! It's Summer but why do we have to go to the park?! It's so boring with nothing do to at all, your little annoying brother better not be coming with us, at all!"

Sonic mumbled acting a little more moody than usual, it wasn't his usual thing to be this moody or much of a brat. Only if Nutty was involved in anything, apparently the two were sort-of rivals in a way. Most of the time he'd be arrogant and less moody, but ever since the incident with Nutty he's become a little more moody and self-centered.


Anyone alive..?

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Adeen smiled as she pulled away from her nice drink, showing off her pointy fangs. Yes, the young vampire was enjoying her meal of a nice fresh cup of blood for her lunch. Nothing new there, aside for the fact her meal wasn't actually all that fresh. Usually she had it straight from the body, but because she was at school, she'd probably get in trouble for that. So she coped with drinking from a cup and enjoyed what she could out of her meal. Adeen was at a small table, alone. The whole vampire thing kinda made people afraid of her, and they should be. A blood thirsty vampire was not someone to mess with.

Open, pls ask))

Welp, this went dead..

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as if sitting at the lunch table all alone was bad enough, but having no friends was even worse. I tried to get friends but they always either ditch me or leave me. I sit alone a the lunch table one day alone and you see me you feel bad for me and go to the table i was sitting at, you then...

+Hannah Okmaru​, +Geιѕнα ɞ

"Let's see how he likes it when I prank call him.."

Nutty said mischievously, his eyes changed into a bright violet purple, meaning he was already excited to see how Sonic would react to his little prank. He looked around, in case his older brother Tsuki wasn't there. Then, he began dialing and snickering to himself.

"He better pick up.."

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Name: Nutty 'Tsumena' Shirogane

Likes: Nutty who is the complete opposite of his older brother Tsuki, he loves to bother Sonic whenever he has the chance during class, he also loves to eat buckets full of candy, which is quite like his little hobby. He sometimes hangs out outside of classrooms just to knock on the door or trick the teacher into picking up a dollar from the floor.

Dislikes: He really dislikes Tsuki's relationship with Sonic, since Tsuki never talked it out with him, he basically gets jealous because of the attention Tsuki has been giving to Sonic instead of his own brother. He also hates bullies who would try to threaten him, including life/death situations.

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Age: 15

Bio: Nutty's past has been quite.. sad ever since. He doesn't remember much about it, except he would always protect Tsuki from harm, acting like an older brother. He would sometimes be abused by his own parents, for many unknown reasons, but one. He wasn't wished to be born. They would try to ditch him, but even that wouldn't work until his parents ditched the brothers. Ever since that day, he eventually tries not to get into trouble with teachers, even though he is quite the trickster.
EXTRA: His eyes change color depending on his mood, if he's mad, it'll turn red. Sad is blue, Green is normal, yellow is jealous, gray is emotionless, and finally, purple is excited.


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(Open roleplay, you don't need to ask)
Elizabeth was just doing what she always did in homeroom: Sleep. Seriously, she stood up all night watching YouTube, procrastinating about her homework until 4 AM. Earlier in the morning, she was so tired, she just did the first hairstyle that came to mind: Long brown hair with two red clips.
Eliza had her earbuds plugged into her phone, listening to the Hamilton soundtrack, while she continued to sleep, her head on her desk. Yes, the teacher was going to kill her if they found out she was sleeping. Yes, she honestly wouldn't care.

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