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(open rp need two people)

Ok I'll be there and I'll make sure i have it and Ill get a feast too
I make a deal with ___ and ___ sees us and.....

She opens a portal, bringing +Levi Ackerman​ in front of the door of asylum. She brought him there from his medieval world while he was still fighting against titans, he still have his maneuver gear. Probably his squad is looking for him, now. But why did she do it? Just fun? Revenge? Who knows. She wants to observe what he will do before bring him back to his world. So she disappears in the darkness and waits. ((open rp, no need to ask if you want to join))

I sit in a tree relaxing when...

comes out of the asylum with blood on my shirt

sees the asylum as I walk out of the woods

watching +Seiko Kimura​ and giggles

Looking around the saw +Seiko Kimura​ sitting in the ground then sit with her hi seiko

sees +Seiko Kimura​ working in her office

outside the gate to the asylum I haven't seen this place before.. opens the gate and walks in is this place abandoned..?

leaning against a wall as I draw in my artpad
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