Hey Guys I need somebody to write up lore for a different country. Same time period, technically one thing a day. If you could help me out I'd be so happy.

Peter stood on the edge of a floating (flying) island just of the east coast of Helianen. Temporprimus, in dragon form, stood on the floating island in front of the one Peter was standing on. Peter and Tempor faced eachother, Tempor obviously having summoned him.

"Why have I been called here Tempor? I should be helping the others save Helianen!"

"New Beginnings"

"I don't understand. What do you mean?"

"This version of Anagrian is broken and discordant. Mostly thanks to you believe it or not. You have gotten out of hand and it's up to me to fix your problems. It is time you tried again. You won't enjoy this very much, and you will have to start so much over, but this may give so many lives meaning that they lacked."

As soon as Tempor finished, everything vanished into whiteness, then Peter fell unconscious and everything went black.

Peter woke up on a beach with a bad headache, his sword and shield, and a hefty dose of amnesia. Among the few things he remembered were his name, abilities, small tidbits of history, and information concerning himself and the Primes. He didn't know quite where he was, nor how exactly he had gotten here, but he knew he needed to find shelter. He was missing his shirt and armor, but he had a feeling he would find some gear if he started moving. His sword and shield disappeared into his vault and he started his inland walk.

After a long time of walking Peter arrived at a large lake held in the walls of a valley. There was a island in the middle of the lake with an ancient looking structure on it, obviously having been abandoned for over twenty years, maybe more. peter swam over to the island, which wasn't too far away from the main shore for him to reach in less than eight minutes. he strode out of the water and up to the door. A small wave of temporal energy from Peter was sufficient enough to clear away all the vines from the door and restore the hinges to full functionality. He opened the ancient doors to the hall to reveal a very large entry zone with blue light coming in through undamaged stained glass windows. There were two towers on either side of the entry hall with stairs that ran both upwards and downwards. On closer inspection of the surface floor there was not much to be seen. As soon as Peter went downstairs he realized just how massive the place really was. He immediately found himself some new clothes, an unused notebook/journal, and some basic food and other needs, then he found a room on the second subterranean floor that was to his liking and fell asleep on the circle of furs on the crystalline floor.


* [Narath]

* [Ur-Taen]

* [Everntrey]

* [Helianen]

* [Generath]

* [Stentuur]
~Taiorak Mountains
The mountains somewhat north of Stentuur (the border between Stentuur and Helianen) filled with rich elemental ores of heat and nature types.)

~Elleward Forest
An elven forest on the island below Rael. This island is technically linked to Rael as Rael is the governing body of the southern ocean above Palinar.
~Griffethen Mountain Range
The mountain range north of Rael
~Henael Volcano

{Hrael Islands}








[Ruins of Stanith]

[Ruins of Haverthall]

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