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Bill Nelson

Mobile Tools  - 
Now available - new free Android app for genealogy research using historic newspapers!

Designed for both genealogists and history enthusiasts, OldNews USA makes g...
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I am going to have to check this out! Thanks!

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About this community

A Google+ community to share technology tips, tools, and news for doing genealogy.
Hi there, would you consider providing user research feedback on a new online website for Family Stories? If so, please complete the below form and i'll be in touch .12 months free subscription is provided to those who take part:-


Thanks in advance
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TOP Amazing

Mobile Tools  - 
Maps is a service google. Now days Maps is very important software in our general life. When we don't know about a place and we need to go there then we will help of maps. Maps can be on a paper maps can be in your mobile as a software. Today's famous Maps software is google maps.
now you can use google maps offline and you can save your direction or areas and after it you can use it after when you will be offline.
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