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A penny for your thoughts... 
Knowing that family values and its legacy are important to this community, is this a product you would purchase for your loved one? YES or No... 
Please post your answer in the comment area below.

Looking for your feedback as I am considering investing in this start-up business.  I welcome all feedback, positive and 
negative, that you post in comments below. 
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I don't know if I would buy it or not.  A lot of variables to consider.  What's it cost?  Web site maintenance fees?  What happens if the company goes under, or if QR codes become obsolete?  Does it match the personality / lifestyle of the departed?  What alternatives exist (facebook memorial page, etc.)?  All things to consider when deciding on purchasing the product.

Investing in it is a different matter.  How much are we talking, and can you afford it?  Do you see it catching on?  Growth potential?  Business model?  The technology is already proven.  What about competing tech or companies?

Ultimately, only you can answer if it's a good investment for you.
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Preservation  - 
Learning How to ‪#‎Restore‬ ‪#‎OldFamilyPhotographs‬.

There are many ways of restoring old photographs and removing light leaks, interesting how different people use different techniques.

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Hi everyone... I just found this community and thought I would share a post that describes 10 sites that are similar to Ancestry but are either free or at least cheaper.  It would be great to be able to use all their tools together but it is what it is...  By the way, the photo below is of a portrait of my great grandparents from around 1875.
This is a portrait of my great grandparents circa 1873. Richard Bivins The United States is a melting pot like no other country ever. For that reason, tracing one’s family history is one of the most popular hobbies among Americans. In the pursuit...
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A casual genealogist at rest...
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Lee Drew

Mobile Tools  - 
New Scheduling Tools are Now Available for RootsTech 2015

The new RootsTech 2015 conference app is now available to download, giving you access to all of the conference information, including classes, exhibitors, speakers, and more.

With the conference app, you can:

* Create a personalized class schedule.
* Find speaker information.
* Discover exhibitor details
* Connect with other conference attendees.
* Tweet and post your favorite quotes and pictures at RootsTech.
* And more!

Plan for RootsTech 2015, and download the RootsTech 2015 conference app today at the App Store and Google Play.

Class schedule available on RootsTech.org.

Another tool available is the newly enhanced schedule page at RootsTech.org. Find your favorite classes and plan ahead by using the keyword search feature and schedule filters.

This tool allows you to view classes by day, class category, pass type, family history level, and technology level, which makes it easy to find the exact class you’re looking for.

#genealogy #rootstech #app  


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General  - 
Incredible: myopic presbyopic glasses all get a magnifying glass

Appointment of several colleagues sing K, seemingly there will always be one or two people forget bespectacled sad reminder? The most depressing is that even if you may not need them colleagues, the degree is not the sa
Appointment of several colleagues sing K, seemingly there will always be one or two people forget bespectacled sad reminder? The most depressing is that even if you may not need them colleagues, the degree is not the same as ...
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Is it ever important to you to be able to track, view and/or edit every source document that you hold on a given ancestor?  Especially a suspected "ancestor" who you are trying to prove as a part of your line?  If so, take a good look at the powerful "Composite View" in Clooz 3.3.  From one page containing the name of the individual, you can access every document that you have processed that contains a reference to, or has that individual as its primay focus.  From that point, you can see every other individual in that document, and then see all documents associated with any one, or all of those individuals.  This process can be continued FIVE LEVELS DEEP.  This is truly a powerful and important capability not found elsewhere.  Follow this link to see a first hand example from my personal genealogy.
We also invite you to visit our Blog page to see tips and information about various aspects of Clooz.
Until midnight 11/15 we are offering members of the Genealogy Tech Community a 25% discount on Clooz 3.3.  To receive your discount, enter the following code exactly in the final field (Promo Code) of the Purchase form on our website:
Unique composite view organizes research clues to confirm possible ancestors
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Good GRIEF!!  I'm getting old.  I neglected to include the discount code in my message: 

GenTech  (case sensitive)
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Does anyone use the website researchties.com to track your genealogy research? It seems like a good service but wanted to get reviews/feedback from current users. Thanks!
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I just took a quick look at it and it looks interesting but they charge a fee. 
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Sandra Hammons

Web Tools  - 
Check out this slick way of logging your internet searches:

How to easily record a log of your online searches
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About this community

A Google+ community to share technology tips, tools, and news for doing genealogy.
Announcing the launch of Global Name Translation™, a new technology unique to MyHeritage, to help break through those language barriers in the quest to uncover your past.

This innovation now makes it even easier to discover your global roots. The technology automatically translates names found in historical records and family trees from one language into another, at very high accuracy, generating all plausible translations, to facilitate matches between names in different languages. In addition, a manual search on MyHeritage's SuperSearch, will return results in other languages, automatically translated into the language of the query.

How can this benefit you? For example, perhaps your American family has Russian roots. Previously, you would have needed to search also in Russian to find all information available about your ancestors. Now you can search in English, and receive results in Russian, translated back into English for your convenience.


This innovation now makes it even easier to discover your global roots. The technology automatically translates names found in historical records and family trees from one language into another, at very high accuracy, generating all plausible translations, to facilitate matches between names in ...
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Karla Adams

General  - 
What is your favorite online genealogy research site? (paid or free)
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I use both Ancestry.com and FamilySearch.org.  Between the two of them I was able to break a wall on my paternal grandfathers side (only to have a new one show up) and to really flesh out my family's close association with the Mormon Pioneers.
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Posting to General just to move that annoying Gif down the page
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We love this animated gifs of before and after photos of people aging  ♥

Watch more at: http://goo.gl/BrHL22

#gif  #gifsoftheday    #beforeandafter   #beforeafter    #photography   #photooftheday   #oldschool   #sepiaphotography   #men   #photograph     
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Now that's an animated gif I can enjoy - I usually find them very annoying!
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Lee Drew

Mobile Tools  - 
FamilySearch - RootsTech 2015:  Shape the Future of Family History With Your Vote

Mark your schedule now to attend this new RootsTech event for 2015!

The 2015 RootsTech Innovator Challenge yielded an astonishing 51 mobile or web app submissions. There are now eight semifinalists. Only four will take the stage and battle for the grand prize as they showcase the latest cutting edge technology in family history.

Come shape the future of the industry by deciding the winner with your live audience vote! This is an event with contestants, judges, demos, tough questions and $25,000 in total prize money up for grabs. You won’t want to miss this showdown!

Join us Friday, February 13, at 10:30 a.m. after the keynote session featuring Laura and Jenna Bush in Hall D.

List of Submissions:  


#genealogy  #rootstech #apps
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The RootsTech Conference by FamilySearch is over for 2015 but FamilySearch is a free site:   https://familysearch.org    

If you are searching for your ancestry, be sure to explore FamilySearch Tree.   https://familysearch.org/tree
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This is from Bruce.......I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I've lost close to 750 individuals and many, many hours of manual input as a result of these problems. (I'm extremely frustrated and angry about it to be honest.)
I had large tree on Ancestry.com and in FTM 2011. My subscription to Ancestry.com lapsed so I manually entered a lot of data from old notes and scraps of paper into FTM 2011. I had just over 2600 names in the FTM file. Like many I'm sure, I had data in each of the two places that wasn't in the other.
I ordered and installed FTM 2012 with its nifty sync feature but hesitated because of the FTM disparity between Ancestry.com and my FTM 2011 tree. Ancestry tech support suggested I use the merge function and then do the sync using the FTM file as the starting point.
There were some 1000 names to reconcile. One-at-a-time. Ultimately, I tried the merge 4 times. The first time, after reconciling about 300 names, I hit the back button and it took me out of the merge entirely, leaving me to start over. The next 2 times after doing several hundred names, the merge locked up. I had to reboot to get everything running again. The 4th time, I took the option to just accept everything that was in the FTM file.
Now I think I'm ready to use FTM 2012 and do the sync. Problem now is that it tells me that the FTM and FTMB files are corrupt. I tried opening them in FTM 2011 and got the same error.
Unable to open any recent FTM or FTMB files, I finally decided to do the sync via the download from Ancestry.com and create a new FTM file option. The online tree having just under 2000 individuals (vs. the 2600+ in the FMT file that wouldn't open).
When it finished I discovered that there were lots of duplicates - anywhere between 2 and 4 of some names - in several of the surnames. I clicked on each duplicate to see what the pedigree displayed and one of them might have most of the information - children (siblings to the person I was checking), both father's and mother's lines back several generations. Another of that same name might have the parent's lines going back, but no children, yet another might have just a few of the children and only one of the parent's lines.
After picking the most complete "version" of the names in question, deleting the others, running the duplicate person tool and reconciling all of those, I had eliminated over 100 more names.
Having started with an FTM 2011 file with well over 2600 my new FTM 2012 file had just over 1900. Those 700+ names represent an awful lot of work. And facing the re-keying of all of that makes me wonder if it's worth the effort. I don't know what caused the FTM and FTMB files to become corrupt. It seems it could happen again, at any time, for whatever reason.
Rebuilding using the online hints isn't an option. For one thing I had entered a lot of details for some of those names including uploaded obits, photos, wedding and birth announcements. Mainly though, I can't afford the $300 to renew the subscription right now to even see what the hints are.
So ... has anyone else had their backup files go bad for no apparent reason? Or, after linking Ancestry.com and FTM, find they have dozens and dozens of duplicate names?
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I was told with paying I can't even comment on here sad very sad.....good luck to you all by they genol is all being sold to one group and there price will go up with a monopoly on it so get it while you can.....
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In June of 2013 I bought an HP comp, so on my Dell Comp I had over10,000 ppl on my Tree, so I wanted to save a backup on a disc but the file was too big. I then backup the 1.95 GB file on a flash drive. Since I thought the file was saved, I reformatted my Dell drive to try and sell it.
I then installed FTM 2012 on my new comp and when I went to restore the FTM file I got the message...:Unable to restore the file, it may be corrupt or is not a FTM file.
So I said fine, I have the file linked to Ancestry, so I downloaded the 1.95 GB file from Ancestry and when it was done I had 20,000 ppl on it, when I should have had 10,000 ppl. Everything got doubled iicluding the media.
I called Ancestry and they did not know why it got doubled, that I should delete duplicates. If I did that I would be still deleting 10,000 ppl. So I got frustrated and deleted my Tree from Ancestry and also my comp.
I sent a copy of my corrupt file to Ancestry to see if they can fix it. They spent very little time trying to work on it so they sent me an e-mail stating that they can not open it. I do have a smaller backup I save on a disc that has about 6,000 ppl on it. For 3 Years I have been trying to find someone who can help me, and I have not worked on my Tree since then.
I still have my Dell comp but it has a fresh copy of Windows XP on it so I cannot try to see if the Tree is still on it. Once I deleted the file on Ancestry I cannot get it back. I have talked to other Ancestry members and they also said when try to download their file back onto their comp, it also was doubled. But I do not understand how my Tree got corrupt when just backing it up to a flash drive. The file still says that it has 1.95 GB of info on it. (Still frustrated Phil)
Has anyone had this same problem? Can this file be fixed?
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Jeff VoVillia

Publishing  - 
I created a scrapbook style website to show off my genealogy. Let me know what you think!
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Just love your site!! Very appealing. 
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Hello.  New to this tech community.  
My primary interest is in accessing and analyzing a large (20,000 individuals) family tree.  I am using Ancestry and FTM, primarily and am happy enough with its usual features.  But, I would like to ask complex questions such as : "How many direct ancestors of Person X immigrated from one country to another during the period 1700-1900.

This would likely involve transferring data to MS Access or a SQL database, I suppose, but I don't know how one does that and preserves the relationship and family information, nor exactly how to write those queries.

I've seen such discussions in some places on the Web. bBt they seem mostly technical, and usually somewhat tentative. (E.g., "This usually works" and "You could try...")

Is database work such as I've described touched on in this forum?  Where?  If not, is there somewhere you could point me for "state-of-the-art" work of this type
,  please?
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+Jerry Miller 

I think that you can really close, IF you are using Facts, to what you are looking for, using the Filter Features in FTM2014. Filter In and Filter Out are very powerful options to use.

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Helen Lutke

Web Tools  - 
Questions: I am looking for photos of family members. What are good sources? Archives, NARA, etc?
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Also check FamilySearch Tree.  Folks have finally learned that FamilySearch is storing photo and document images associated with the records of people in Tree.  The files are backed up to the granite vaults along with all of the FamilySearch records.  It's probably the best storage solution around.  Read the Tree Image FAQ so you understand the limits in quantity and topics that the images can contain.
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Derek Whitten

Preservation  - 
I have a collection of old family photos I want to scan.  Most are 4x6 inches, but some are 8x10.  I've done a few using my Nexus 7, but I'm not satisfied with the results (lighting, reflections, blurring if tablet moves slightly) so am looking to purchase a scanner.

I've just read the comments on +Chris Odom's post, where people make suggestions about the process of scanning, naming conventions etc, but I'm interested in the resolution required for this exercise.

Can anyone provide guidance on a recommended resolution for scanning older photos?

#photo   #scanner  
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Have you tried this app? https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pic-scanner-scan-photos-fast/id644278663?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4# (Even if you aren't an iPhone or iPad user, the tips contained in the '5 Minute Guide' at http://appinitio.com/picscanner may help you getting better scans with your Nexus.
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Alles ist neu im Juli!
Wir haben unsere Seite nun vollkommen neu aufgesetzt und viele neue Funktionen eingeführt:
- einen besseren Online-Shop
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Wir arbeiten kontinuierlich an der Verbesserung unseres Internetauftritts und unserer Angebote. Am besten, Sie speichern uns in Ihren Favoriten / Lesezeichen.
Schauen Sie doch mal wieder vorbei unter www.ahnenposter.de!
Teilen erlaubt und erwünscht! :)
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