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Hope you guys enjoy the video

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The Star Wars Show will be in range in 24 hours. All Star Wars. All the time. Well… once a week. Seven minutes at a time. Give or take.

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I used to be in EJA back for Jedi Outcast/JKA as Ki-Ade Rane, and Neo when I moved to my clan ETM. Are we still alive? Used to be around we had trials for promotions, with Jathan, Erebus, etc.

is there a EJA skype Jathan?

Hey there, are you guys still on mumble or something?

aye guys, trying to get jka on my laptop but seem to have issues with the 64 bit win 10, anyway hope to hear from EJA soon
Artimus Laru

Post when you are seeing the movie so we know when we can talk about it!

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Cool new picture of Kylo Ren
New Image Of Kylo Ren From Star Wars: The Force Awakens! #StarWars #TheForceAwakens

Empire just released a new image of Kylo Ren from The Force Awakens! The article also features a new interview with Adam Driver as he describes why Kylo thinks he’s doing the right thing in the battle between the Resistance and The First Order!

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