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Critically acclaimed as one of the ten best westerns ever made, "Red River" (1948) stars John Wayne as tough rancher Tom Dunson and Montgomery Clift as his adopted son. Director Howard Hawks' first western, the sweeping epic spans fifteen years chronicling a bleak, tough cattle drive fraught with danger, tests of strength, and tensions between its two strong-willed, conflicting leaders; Wayne as Dunson--in his first of five films for Hawks--is the hard-nosed, bitter, ruthless and tough commander of his men and Montgomery Clift--in the Broadway star's first film role--is his defiant headstrong son.

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Watch "My Name Is Nobody," a #western‬  film about an aging legendary gunslinger named Jack Beauregard that wants to retire in peace to Europe, and get away from young gunmen constantly trying to test themselves against the master.

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