This my first attempt of a creepy pasta so tell me what you think. I call it Blood Maker

I was walking down the street minding my own business. I found a store that sold used games and as luck had it they were selling The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker. A game that I wanted for a long time. So I purchased the game and put into my GameCube. When I loaded up the game there was already a save file with the name Link. I opened it up but it played just like a normal game all until I talked to a NPC. Their text was a blood red. I talked to a few more NPCs and then the screen went black. I was back at Offset Island the sea was blood red. I wanted to stop playing but something in me just wanted to continue. I went inside of Link's house to see a creepy NPC. It's eyes were blank white it's shirt green but covered in blood. They were holding some type of weapon. I talked to it and it said these words. "I coming for you Carrie.". I was scared how did it know my name. I freaked out. I took out the Disc picked up my hammer and smashed the game to a hundred pieces. I picked up the pieces and threw them into the trash. I learned a lesson that day never buy used games.

Hi guys

I feel like making my own creepy pasta
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