I have never been successful (with the exception of the wheatgrass) in growing a plant on top of this aquarium. Does the lack of the plant effect the fish? My fish now seems to be lethargic...

I've used up most of my plant seeds (unsuccessfully) and want to plant something else? Any suggestions?

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Trying to setup my tank, and noticed that no main wicks or a vacation wick were included. I read that no one is monitoring Kickstarter anymore. Anyone have any suggestions on who I can contact?

So, I was having problems with cloudy water, and I never made the connection that misplacing the moss ball after a water change could have been the reason. Finally got a new one and the cloudy water is totally gone. If you do not have a moss ball, I highly suggest you do it. It makes a world of difference.

Anyone have fish or plant updates?

I got my Vita, set it up, bought a Betta and that Betta died unfortunately. How do you I go about getting the Betta that was included with my original purchase?

Well, now that it's getting cold I need more out of a heater. The one that came with the tank isn't getting the job done. Has anyone had success with another one that you can set to a specific temperature. I want to be sure it's a quality one and doesn't burn up my betta. Obviously it needs to be small as well.

Anyone else notice tiny clear worms climbing on the wick?..

No water changes since the beginning. Anyone else doing this too?
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